“Yesterday” as a Historical Song by the Beatles

Updated August 29, 2021

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“Yesterday” as a Historical Song by the Beatles essay

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Yesterday, is one of the greatest hits from the 60’s. This song was written by Paul McCartney, a Beatles member, in 1965. This song was originally released as a single but then part of their album, “Help!”, along with 13 other songs. Some of the songs released in that album were I need you, Another Girl, It’s only love, etc. When I first listened to the song, it sounded like the person singing was in sorrow. Looking at the lyrics, it seemed as if the person lost the love of life. The beat to the song seemed as if it had emotion to it.

This song had a different take on how it was typically performed. This was the first time where the Beatles brought in outside musicians to help perform the song. The song was recorded at EMI studios in London. George Martin was the producer of the song and he suggested a string quartet to be brought in to help record the track according to Songfact (2020). The Beatles were typically known for rock n roll; however, Paul McCartney took this song in a different direction. The genre of this song was considered rock/ pop music. The form of this song is in AABA form.

There was so much popularity with this song, it is believed to be the most covered song in history. According to Ultimate Classical Rock, there have been 2,200 different versions to this song as of 2017. Other singers sang this song such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and many more famous musicians. Yesterday was so popular, the year it was released it was at the top of the charts around the world and it also won the Ivor Novello Award for best song of 1965 according to udiscovermusic (2019). It was also played over seven million times within thirty years on the radio.

When listening to this song and comparing it to all the other forms of music that the Beatles have performed it was extremity different in melody and tone. It sounded if it was a sad song but still had a form of rock towards it. It also had only sting instruments in it as well. I mainly only heard guitar, violins, and banjo. There were no beats such as drums in there. This song was the most historical song written by the Beatles and as of right now still known today. The new direction they took with this song was truly amazing.

“Yesterday” as a Historical Song by the Beatles essay

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