Why Should We Legalize Marijuana

Updated February 17, 2021

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Why Should We Legalize Marijuana essay

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Today I saw an interesting article in the ‘Roll Call’ which is a news site about political stuff.

So I read this story dealing with marijuana legalization in the capitol. They reported about how people still are not open-minded concerning that topic yet. So I decided to create this entry to get your opinions. We have to ask two main questions. First of ‘Is marijuana medicine that could be used to aid people if decriminalized?’ and ‘Should people be able to consume marijuana like alcohol and nicotine?’. The substance was already legalized in 33 states in the U.S. in ten of them even recreational marijuana is allowed. Recreational marijuana is cannabis that can be purchased at a recreational dispensary by anyone who is 21 years or older and with a valid ID.

Advocates such as the ‘U.S. Marijuana Party’ (https://usmjparty.com/ ) argue that the criminalization infringes personal freedom which is a very important value because of U.S. history. They might also argue that legalizing is going to make medical treatment way easier in general and that minorities, in particular, are not going to be treated as unfair anymore as seen in regions of the U.S where marijuana is not legalized.

Arguing for the continued prohibition organizations like ‘Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana'(CALM; https://calmca.org/) point out that in their eyes the risks to public health and safety outnumber the benefits completely. On the website of the CALM, you can see that they also question the medical-usability of marijuana and say that the legalization would result in problems in terms of health care and insurance systems. So it might lead to more health problems and the use of more hazardous substances.

In my eyes marijuana should be legalized. The sheer amount of money that could be made by taxing marijuana in dispensaries is enough. Not forgetting that there would be a lot less criminal activities when you can buy it legally. Furthermore, you will not be asked by your dealer if you want to try out other drugs. Studies also say that the medical usage of cannabinoids is given. Decreasing pain and muscle control by consuming the cannabinoid THC in the marijuana plant and the CBD to control epileptic seizures and treating mental illness. Those are just some examples.

To sum it up I would answer both my key questions with ‘Yes’. Marijuana can be used to aid people if decriminalized and everyone should be able to use it just like alcohol and nicotine.

I would like to hear your opinions down below if you do or do not agree with me.

Have a nice day and stay healthy.


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Why Should We Legalize Marijuana essay

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