Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty

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Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty essay
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Although animal cruelty is not limited to these areas, changes in farming, animal testing and fishing achieved through implementing an additional legal basis and providing financial support are the possible ways to reduce global animal cruelty scale.

Animal cruelty is a deliberate infliction of pain that leads to death or injury of an animal. Without a proper assessment, animal cruelty gradually leads to personality degradation, which subsequently contributes to antisocial behavior, violence, and murder. Ignoring cases of animal cruelty, society condemns not only defenseless animals to death but itself as well.

The humane treatment of farm animals is one of the most significant issues in ensuring animal welfare. More than 70 billion animals are bred for food needs annually, 2/3 of them are raised in unacceptable conditions (Cornish, Raubenheimer, & McGreevy, 2016, p. 74). At the governmental level, farmers should be legally obliged to implement humane methods without keeping animals in cramped cages that cause pain and suffering. Also, changes should be made to the slaughter process, including pre-slaughter stunning, which prevents animals from feeling pain, and the use of non-slip floors and ramps with a low angle of inclination for fall and injury prevention.

Thousands of animals perish in painful experiments and drugs testing annually (Doke, & Dhawale, 2015, p. 224). However, the difference between the processes occurring in the human and animal bodies negates the expediency of the use of animals. Instead, some kind of cells or computer models might be used. Reducing animal cruelty in this field is possible by financing specialists who develop alternatives to animal experiments and adopting appropriate restrictive laws.

It is also necessary to reduce the enormous suffering of marine animals caused by injury from lost/discarded fishing gear. When catching 125 tons of fish, about 1 ton of tackles is thrown away. As a result, about 136 thousand marine animals die annually (). Measures on reducing animal cruelty in this area should include uniting partners to stop the loss of fishing gear, support for new ways to remove tackles from the seas, assisting rescue teams saving tangled marine animals.

The above-mentioned measures would be implemented in the long run only through strict legislation and the cooperation of governments and communities around the world. A unified international document restricting any manifestation of aggression towards animals should will Justifying criminal liability for these acts can create a proper cultural attitude towards animal cruelty in society.

To prevent animal cruelty, it is necessary to protect both wild and domestic animals from various negative influences and create appropriate living conditions which will beneficially affect the public consciousness as a whole.

Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty essay

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