Violent Video Games Are Good for Children that Can Handle it

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Violent role-playing games are games that kids can play and be a serial killer or a gangster and rob places for money and do what you please. Although most of the games are fun to play because you can do stuff that was otherwise illegal in real life. They can be fun to just relax and play when you have a rough day at school.

I believe violent role-playing games are ok for kids to play as long as they are mentally old enough to play them which can be decided for the parent. But violent role-playing games are still video games most of the things you are not able to do in real life but they are a way to deal with possible stress in your and just have time to relax, for example, my dad and I playing Ark survival evolved almost every night together and it says it’s rated for teens and has blood, crude humor, use of alcohol and violence and my dad things the game is just fine for me to play because playing the game is our way to relax. This brings me to my next point of being mentally age-appropriate for the game.

I believe that every person has his or him mental age for playing a violent game by this I mean, after somebody plays a violent game he or she don’t start showing violent acts upon their parents, siblings, pets, friends or don’t think of cruel and irrational acts, and after they play the game they don’t act differently to me this shows they can handle the game and they won’t act upon the bad acts they see in the game. I believe everybody has a different mental age than one another even if they are the same age. Which is why people need to be able to handle their kids and interact with him.

I agree that some kids should not play violent games at all, but their parents let them do basically what they want when they want. It all depends on the type of parent and if the parent allows the kid to play violent games. ‘If a parent is just worried that their kid is playing Grand Theft Auto, and not worried about other factors that influence their kids,’ Ivory says, ‘then they’re looking the wrong way.’ Fleur, Nicholas St. “Playing Video Games Can Help Or Hurt, Depending On Whom You Ask.” NPR. NPR, August 8, 2014. (Fleur Nicholas). There are many factors that happen to influence your kid to do bad things it isn’t because of just one reason.

Not all violent games are to blame when your kid is violent. “But teenagers who played aggressive games that had noble protagonists were not as likely to engage in risky behaviors, the latest study found. That included Spiderman II, in which the player is a web-slinging vigilante with good motives, rather than a thug for hire.” Fleur, Nicholas St. “Playing Video Games Can Help Or Hurt, Depending On Whom You Ask.” NPR. NPR, August 8, 2014. (Fleur Nicholas). This is why not all violent games are to blame because, for example, a kid’s dad could be abusing him, he is depressed, he is made fun of, bad parenting and not controlling what games your kid gets and what he plays on. Some parents are good people but they wonder why their kids are mean there can be many reasons why their kid can be mean for example when the parents don’t have any rules for the kid and he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants it, and people blame it on violent games even though it’s just a reason for him to relax from stress at school.

Many government officials are pushing for no violent video games but it hasn’t been tested if violent video games promote violence or not. Though the research evidence that is available says violent games have little to no effect on kids. Many kids just play violent video games just for fun and aren’t violent because of it. There isn’t much evidence that violent video games make kids kill people. Politicians are acting off of a grudge and not off of evidence.

Violent games can be a reason why a parents’ kid is mean but shouldn’t the parent be regulating what he is playing and how long he is playing it for. I believe it’s the parent’s fault on why kids can be violent and if you see your kid on a violent game you are skeptical about just stand behind him or her and just watch them for a little bit to see what the game is about. Also, there can be many other reasons why a kid is violent as I previously said the kid could be bullied has just gone through the loss of a family member or friend, there is usually more than one reason why a kid acts a certain way.

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