Understanding Jazz Music

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There are many components that make up the jazz genre. Louis Armstrong had a very scratchy and rough tone. It makes the tone really interesting and unique. The difference in the few songs i’ve heard from this genre relys mostly on the different way they’re put together. Scat singing would be how I would describe Louis Armstrong’s style of jazz. He seemed to use syllables rather than clear singig.

Several components that make-up jazz groups are the melody musicians, the harmony musicians, the rhythm section, and the soloists. Some of the most known groups include The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, The Jazz Messengers, and the Miles Davis Quintet. My opinion on jazz music is that it sounds way too random. It seems to have no organization and like it is quickly thrown together. Some of the jazz songs I have heard, I did not mind them, but I would rather listen to the music I know I like, where I can predict what might come next. I did not mind listening to Louis Armstrong’s “Dinah” because he played his trumpet, one of the instruments I know how to play.

Some of the most famous jazz artists are Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and also Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. Miles Davis is also a jazz artist too. John Coltrane is a jazz artist too. Charles Mangus is also a jazz artist too. Charlie Parker is also a jazz artist as well too. Duke Ellington is also a famous jazz artist too. Dizzy Gillespie is a jazz artist as well. Bill Evans is also a jazz artist too. Chet Baker is also a jazz artist as well. Kenny Wheeler is a jazz artist also. Bud Powell is a jazz artist. Bob Holz is a jazz artist too. Clifford Brown is also a jazz artist but he’s already dead. Benny Goodman is also a jazz and he is also dead. Alice Coltrane is also a jazz artist but she’s already dead. I don’t even like jazz music.

Jazz groups are usually made up of small groups of musicians, usually playing brass and woodwind instruments. Jazz can be characterized by the fact that there are many blends of jazz with different backgrounds, which creates styles such as Latin jazz, acid jazz, and jazz-rock. In jazz music, you can hear call and response phrases, where one musician will play a ‘call’ phrase, and the other musicians will play a similar phrase in response. Jazz music can also be recognized by improvisation, where the musicians will follow the chord structure of the piece, but may ad lib some parts. I enjoy some jazz music, but only if the music doesn’t include lyrics. I enjoy the upbeat feel of jazz, but sometimes feel that the singing takes away the immersive feel of the music.

Jazz music began in New Orleans, Louisiana, around 1895. When it first began it was unique and it’s own style. Mainly in the early 1900’s basic jazz was popular. As time went by Jazz grew, there are now many forms of Jazz. To name a few jazz-rock, acid jazz, latin jazz, and others. Jazz has been called ‘American classical music’. There are many talented jazz musicians, such as Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Billie Holiday these are the most celebrated ones. A few others are Fats Waller, and the band King Olivers, creole Jazz band. Jazz is created by using a combo of Ragtime, Marching Band music, and the blues.

Jazz is created using strong rhythm, blue notes, solo’s, the call and response patterns, and teh improvisation of melody. There were several new dances were started through Jazz music. Dancing like the Charleston, black bottom, tango, and shimmies. These dances began in the 1920’s which was considered the Jazzage. Jazz music isn’t popular with younger people now but most dance studio’s still teach jazz dance today. I personally don’t like Jazz, I think it’s hard to understand and it changes too much. I like music that is easy to put into a genre, like country or rap. Jazz has too many parts for me.

To know Jazz we have to look at many different aspects and points to this genre of very well defined music due to its uniqueness and way its presented. This genre of music was mostly popular around the 1900s and still to this day has some drive and popularity. To understand why it was so popular is to also understand its concepts and how it works. In Jazz there are some very cool components that a lot of their songs use. For example; Improvisation and/or Call and Response.

Another thing we have to look at is all the popular and notable figures from the genre. Some mentionable names are; Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Billie Holiday. Louis Armstrong even had a few nicknames…The one I knew him mostly for was Pops, he was greatly skilled in Scat singing and other forms of deep vocals. All in all, the genre of music is a very diverse one and it has had a very significant impact on our world of music. It is a fantastic genre to listen to and brings us closer to others in a common shared sound and love for History of Jazz.

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