The Urgency in Childhood Obesity

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Over the past several years children’s health has been a major topic. In the article, “The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity” Jane E. Brody establishes the disease that are affected on adults but are consequences from childhood obesity. Brody’s purpose is to inform and persuade parents with obese children. In addition, it is also used to inform children about obesity and how it could affect them in adulthood. Brody doesn’t just focus on children’s weight but also how it affects adults.

The audience can be anyone who relates to that health issue or that is concerned about obesity like children or adults. The most targeted audience is parents because they control what their children eat. However, childhood obesity can cause various of diseases like stroke, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In the “The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity,” Brody uses ethos, pathos and logos to show that anyone could be concerned about health issue due to obesity.

Brody uses ethos and credibility to show the audience the importance of preventing childhood obesity. Parents are responsible for children’s health, they should know how much their children eats and how much the engage with physical activities. Many studies are used in the article for credibility. In the article they use a study from “The New England Journal of Medicine” saying that the overweight age starts at 5 year old and that they are four more times as a normal weight of a 14 year old. The study sampled about 8,000 kids which they found that the risk is not based on race or ethnic group (Brody) .

It showed that obesity has started at an early age which life is at risk for those children. Brody uses credibility to show her audience that she’s not making up child obesity that pediatricians and other doctors have acknowledge how much obesity has increased and how its starting at a young age. In the article Brody also uses another study that states that strokes have been increasing in early adulthood because of people being overweight when they were a child. Getting information from experts gets people attention because they know that author is not making up stuff and have more of a reliable source.

In the article Brody uses pathos; emotional appeal to draw the audience in. With childhood obesity the audience tend to feel a bit emotional like if they are either sad or angry. Children that are obese tend to have depression which could mess up their eating habits. Depression would cause children to gain weight and lose interest in any physical activities which could affect their life as they become an adult. Depression could go either way with some children having lack of food meaning they don’t want to eat but that depression is more seen in adults.

There are also studies that have an emotional effect to the article. In the article, researches report that adults who were obese children have poor body image and low self esteem. With the studies used in the article the author does seek to the audience with emotion. It’s sad that the audience have to see children be overweight, but the audience is also mad at themselves for having bad parenting skills such as not paying attention to their children’s health. Parents should make sure their children eat more vegetables and fruits and reduce the sugary food and drinks. Parents should make their kids join extracurricular activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Brody uses logic to back up her reasoning to persuade her audience. She uses a lot of studies from other sources to support her claim. Using logical reasonings or facts to support her argument. Which in the article she states that high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and sleep apnea is developed before adulthood. Most people with cholesterol tend to be overweight or fat which is a fact. Its logic for Brody to say that parents should feed their children more fruits and vegetables than having them eat sugary food or drinks.

Every parent tells their children to eat their vegetables, but they still end up buying junk food that are not good for their children. Having children sit and play video games all day is a logical reasoning of why obesity is increasing because of technology taking over the world. Its logic to say that children don’t get enough play time outside because they are glued to their electronics which parents should have a policy were children have to play outside for at least 2 hours. If parents reduced screen time and have children play more outside its logical to say obesity wouldn’t be much of a problem.

In the article, “The Urgency in Childhood Obesity” the author uses rhetorical appeals to support her argument and to persuade the audience about how childhood obesity is affecting children’s lives. Her purpose is to persuade the readers to a healthier lifestyle. Using ethos to and credibility to show what doctors say about obesity. Pathos to show emotion to the audience and to show how children get when they are overweight.

Lastly logos to show logic and why it’s important for children to eat their fruits and vegetables. It’s not the children’s fault that they are overweight, parents also play a role in obesity because they are responsible of how much their children easts and how much physical activity they get. Brody doesn’t focus on just children but how it also affects on adults. Having two side to argue from helps persuade the audience on how it could affect both parties.


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