The Three Daughters

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This story begins with the introduction of the king and a queen who have three daughters. Their daughters are very appealing however, the younger one, Psyche, the soul, has the power to allure anyone because of her ethereal beauty that leaves the visitors gazing at her in awe. There is a character named Venus, she plays a major role within the story and her son, Cupid; he is the monstrous figure. The theme of this tale is similar to that of ancient greek culture. They gave importance to revenge and it meant a form of relief. As the story develops, the plot will create instant suspense.

Psyche is a mortal who has incredible fame and looks that give pleasure to its admirers yet, these characteristics of her hold no value in her eyes. Her eldest sisters are married and Psyche happens to be single and suffers from loneliness because the men do not seem to show interest in her. When Venus, also known as the goddess of love and beauty, becomes aware of the fact that the men who once worshipped her beauty are now straying away from her. She hears rumors about Psyche and the men describe the heavenly beauty that even outstood her in front of Venus. She wasn’t very happy about it and therefore, she instructed Cupid to trap her in the name of love and knowing he is a hideous monster. This was a punishment for Psyche. Here, the plot twist occurs which shifts things. Just like the other men, Cupid couldn’t resist her, he’s distracted by her and ends up leaving without doing the intended favor for his mother.

Psyche’s parents are aging and their biggest concern is that their daughter can’t find a soulmate. They assume the gods might be angry with them so when they approach the oracle of Apollo, (a future predictor). They’re informed with the bad news that she is bound to marry a monster. They leave her on a mountain for her monstrous husband. Her parents spent days in grief because they weren’t able to do help. Subsequently, she is taken care of by Zephyr, the windbreaker. He carries her to the castle and she is stunned by the luxuries. As she waits for her husband, he appears in the dark at night and asks her to never demand to reveal himself to her. She has mixed feelings about it. She then feels the urge to meet with her sisters and after convincing Cupid, he agrees, in return, he didn’t want her to share their secrets with her sisters. Cupid treated her like a queen and allowed her to gift her sisters with anything she wishes to. He also let her know that she is pregnant. Psyche proceeds on doing the opposite and her sisters advise her to kill the monster. When the night falls upon, he goes to bed early because he’s super exhausted. She takes steps towards him with a razor in her hand. She witnesses him for the first time and thinks what a charming man he is. She is mind-blown and doesn’t notice a drop of oil from the lamp laying on his skin which burns him. When he acknowledges that his identity is exposed to her, he disappears. Soon after, she finds herself on earth as if she had woken up from a dream. She doesn’t feel her purpose and attempts to suicide but the gods prevent her from doing so and tell her to go after Cupid.

In search of Cupid, Psyche goes to her sisters and tricks them by mentioning that he is a god. In the greed of winning over her husband, they go back on the mountain. They both die from jumping off the cliff because there is no way back. Psych arrives at Venus place. She confronts her with what had happened between her and Cupid. Venus makes it known that he is still under the recovery process from healing the burnt wounds. In the meantime, she challenges her with difficult tasks. Psyche agrees to do anything. Although Cupid is not well at the moment, he manages to aid her in the completion of each task. The last task required Psych to attain a makeup box from a place filled with potential danger. As out of curiosity, she opens up the box and immediately falls into a deep sleep. By this time, Cupid is well-rested. He comes to rescue her. She safely takes the box to Venus and now they are set free. They fly up to the gods with the help of Cupid’s wings. Without any disruptions, the gods give her a cup of ambrosia which awards Psych with immortality. They have a huge wedding with traditional dances, delicious food cooked by a chef, overall, an experience full of joy. Eventually, they had their daughter born, they called her pleasure.

The moral of the story is that looks do not determine the life one will live. As long as your desires have good intentions and mean something to you. This tale teaches a lesson just like any other in the mythological world.

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