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The history of the ancient Greeks

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The history of the ancient Greeks essay
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The ancient Greeks developed for hundreds of years from the 8th century BCE until around 600 BCE. And the classical Greeks civilization was laid in the Archaic period from 750-500 BCE. The history of the ancient Greeks is one of the most successful stories in world history. The history has made a path of societies and cultures based on scant sources and records found. Greek culture has contributed to western society in the areas of art, literature, philosophy, architecture, and politics. This vision inspired the intellect to shape modern western culture from ancient notions of democracy and personal freedom. Greeks have a very interesting way of history in terms of mythology, wars and leaderships and their influence of culture by other countries.

BODYThe ancient Greeks were known for their different and unique designs of architecture and they innovated the column. Doric orders the first style of the three and the simplest design, epitrachelion (three horizontal grooves) design was used for craved designs, the spiral volutes for buildings and foe decorative. This architect can be seen in the government buildings of White houses, National Bank of Oamaru, in New ZealandCITATION Nig11 n l 1033 (The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece., 2011).

Ancient Greek had a depicting of the mythology including animals, gods, goddesses, and events. To promote a safe environment in Greece they had to pave a stove long walkway. The ancient Greeks structures displayed their culture, which was influenced by their religion and entertainment. Through the evidences that the scholars found was building of the temple, as ancient Greeks were polytheistic and prayed to a plethora of gods and goddesses. The famous temple in Greece was shown by the Parthenon in Athens which displays the examples of classical Greek architectural in designs and pedimentsCITATION Jef16 l 3081 (Houston, 2016).

According to Greek mythology, it is said that the construction for the Parthenon was finished around 438 BCE and it was dedicated to the goddess of “wisdom, courage, inspiration, law, mathematics, crafts and skills”, Athena.

The ancient Greeks developed a government system known as direct democracy where people had to cast a vote in any matter. It was stared from Athens in 550 BCE for experiment, and this led to make stable societies and most powerful of the ancient time. In modern era, America they have a form of direct democracy too but it is not direct as the people vote for the leaders who vote on bills. This shows that America has adapted the government system from ancient Greece. The scholar found that the styles they copied from ancient Greece influenced it and the study was done in American Institutes of Architects CITATION Kur08 l 1033 (Raaflaub, 2008).

Ancient Athenian’s daily life was significant by the literature in entertainments to indicate and satisfy their life through acting a role play and arts performance where they could gather the more than fourteen thousand viewers. They used to act such tragedies and comedian acts through poems and stories scene CITATION Don98 l 1033 (Kagan, 1998).

The Roman architecture was based on the ancient Greeks because when the Greeks empire fell many people immigrated to Rome and they diffused their culture in it. Through the designs found similar at roman, it can be known that ancient Greeks have influenced their god and goddess statues, sculptures, literature and arts in Rome CITATION DSR43 l 1033 (Robertson, 1943).

The civilization of ancient Greece was influential in many parts: Arts, Politics, Educational, Language, Science, etc. The major effects were on the Roman Empire which ultimately ruled it. Because of Rome, Greek culture came to be founded in Western Culture in general

Greek arts particularly the sculpture and architecture were incredibility influential in other societies. Through the evidence found from a scholar that Sculpture from 800-300 BCE took inspiration from Egypt and evolved into a unique Greek Vision form of Art. Literature and thereafter was an important aspect of Greek and influence modern drama like through Shakespeare poem and other literature.

The Greeks also made important influenced in education over the other societies and in modern too through contribution to philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. The education system has influenced and growth in the modern era incoming of brilliant modern technologies and ideas on Scientifics and arts to people, this has greatly intermitted the IT world CITATION JJC82 l 1033 (Coulton, 1982). By law all children from six years they attended schools on public till twelves and this system can be seen all over the world.

The Byzantine Empire succeed in Classical Greek culture directly without Latin transitional and this preservation of culture exerted influential to slaves and later on Islamic Golden Age and the Western Europe Renaissance CITATION JRH93 l 1033 (Hale, 1993)In this modern era the influence of ancient Greek culture can be still found in every world because if it had not been started in Greece, people would not have seen and known about the beautiful monuments and skills about it. Through many scholars and history of Ancient Greece, we can know that they had the “Power of Influential of Cultural” CITATION Cho19 l 1033 (Choden, 2019) the history in the world cannot compete with idea of Ancient Greek time.

CONCLUSIONAncient Greeks were one of the most advanced societies seen in history today. They flourished in countless areas including arts, music, architecture, literature, and governments. Today the modern world enjoys and sees the aesthetic designs of buildings around the world. Religion had significant in influencing on the development and purpose of architecture.

Ancient Greece influenced western culture and other countries as some of the beliefs and cultures followed today got inspired. Through the evidence found from the scholar Collin’s theory, it is said that the cultures were rich and intelligent. Religious and ritual practices made helped in unifying the Greek society. The democracy system of choosing the right person through vote is also been influenced today. Example USA, Bhutan, India and etc.


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The history of the ancient Greeks essay

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What is Greek history known for?
The Greeks were known for their sophisticated sculpture and architecture . Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other civilizations, and it continues to influence modern cultures today.
What is the best history of ancient Greece?
The best books on Ancient Greece The Iliad. by Homer. The Histories. by Herodotus. Medea. by Euripides. Democracy: A Life. by Paul Cartledge. Greek Fire. by Oliver Taplin.
What is the historical background of ancient Greeks?
Ancient Greek civilization flourished from the period following Mycenaean civilization, which ended about 1200 BCE, to the death of Alexander the Great, in 323 BCE . By that time, Greek cultural influence had spread around the Mediterranean and, through Alexander the Great's campaign of conquest, as far afield as India.
When did Greek history start?
The civilization of Ancient Greece emerged into the light of history in the 8th century BC . Normally it is regarded as coming to an end when Greece fell to the Romans, in 146 BC.
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