Story of Love in The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is based on a thwarted love between a man and a woman story. Which the theme shows that Gatsby and Daisy keep getting prevented from loving one another and being together. Fitzgerald, who is the author of The Great Gatsby; makes the 1920’s era seem to be decayed social and moral values. This story is based just two years after World War 1 ended (ended in 1918) the young people who fought in world war 1 ended up getting diloussionalized.

One theme or setting that stands out to me personally is that Gatsby throws parties every Saturday and at most of his parties he just ends up hiding and staying closed off. Gatsby was a very wealthy man and almost everyone wanted some of his wealth. In The Great Gatsby the East egg shows poorness and not really the wealthiest, as for the West egg it portrays some of the wealthiest people, and has plenty of mansions in that area. The west egg and east egg are two cities separated by the Valley of Ashes.

The Valley of Ashes separates the West egg from New york city. This is a significant theme because it ends up showing moral decay as it has ashes from the city’s industry and is the crime scene at the very end of the story.

Why is the Green Light in the Great Gatsby a Significant Theme?

The green light is important because it hangs at the end of Daisy’s dock, and Gatsby bought his house/mansion where he did so he can see it at the end of each night. In my opinion the green light tries to show Gatsby’s undenying love for Daisy, but Gatsby starts to discount the important distinction between wealth and class.

A Quick Social Classes Definition

Social classes are a way to categorize a population., based on wealth, social status, The three places you can be placed are Upper, Middle and Lower class. Upper class is being the most wealthy, Middle class is being neither wealthy nor poor, and Lower class is considered poor.

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