The Case of “In Cold Blood”

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The case of “In Cold Blood” was an eye opener. It made people realize that such punishment can be done upon criminals. Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith were convicted of murdering the Clutter Family; four family members were killed; two teenage children Nancy and Kenyon, Bonnie the wife and Herbert Clutter were all murdered. The bodies were left in separate rooms throughout the house. Hickock and Smith heard that the Clutters had money stashed in a safe in his house. They committed murder with no motive, the killers left almost no evidence behind.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation first looks for the physical evidence left behind in the crime scene in order to find out who the murders were. The victims were examined, they examined the way their bodies were left behind. Discovered how two bodies were tied up, investigators studied the type of rope that was used and the style of knots that was done. It was important for investigators to gather all types of evidence that was left behind because it can later be used up against the criminal in court. They photographed everything, just in case something was left behind or forgotten.

The next step the Kansas Bureau of Investigation proceed with was interview people whom lived near the Clutters family. Spoke with anyone that had last seen them before their death occurred.

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