Superheroes The Flash vs The Green Arrow

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After being stranded on an island named Lian Yu for 5 years, Oliver Queen developed archery skills and a mindset to avenge his father’s death by murdering those on his father’s list. He became a solo-vigilante, nicknamed the Green Arrow, fighting criminals using archery and martial arts. Oliver Queen lives in Star City as a millionaire playboy who eventually became an outspoken politician interchanging between two different lives. In contrast, Barry Allen is a forensic scientist for the Central City Police department or CCPD. Barry Allen was in his lab when he was struck by a lightning on a stormy night. He gained super speed powers and used it to save lives throughout Central City.

The Green Arrow saves endangered civilians while mercilessly killing criminals. The criminal justice system called him a vigilante and advocated to get him arrested for numerously breaking the law. After years dedicated to killing criminals from his father’s list, he went on to continue fighting crime. Fighting crime led to many negative effects for the Green Arrow. For example, the Green Arrow would unleash a ball of outrage onto another when there is something in his mind. In addition, both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow are reluctant to admit their mistakes. This action would often lead to broken friendships and trust. As mayor and secret vigilante of Star City, it requires a great amount of effort to keep his family out of harm’s way and without revealing his biggest weakness. If his position is compromised, many civilians would be at risk. It would also be an advantage to criminals to use him as leverage by threatening to reveal his identity.

Barry Allen had a tough childhood because he was always bullied and not running fast enough was his weakness. At age 7, his mother was killed and his father was wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison despite little evidence. No one believed Barry when stated his father didn’t kill his mother. He grew up to work as a forensic scientist with the man who took him in when he was a child. One night, Barry Allen gained superspeed powers when he was struck by lightning in his science lab and became the fastest man alive. Barry Allen used his superpowers to save civilians around Central City. Bystanders named him the “Red Streak,” but later came up with the “Flash.” His other superpower is that he is countlessly seeing the good potential in everyone.

Both the Flash and the Green Arrow carry the burden of losing their loved ones while gathering up the strength to keep fighting. Fighting crime doesn’t just include superpowers and mighty strength, many heroes like to use high-tech machinery as an extra advantage. Even though superheroes are out doing physical work, there is always someone behind the eyes. The Flash’s team consists of Cisco Ramon, a high-tech specialist, and Caitlin Snow, the med-expert. In addition, Felicity Smoak is the tech-wizard behind the Green Arrow. Both teams are a mixture of brains and brauns in taking down criminals. Individuals may think that having superpowers would make everything easier. That isn’t necessarily true because all superheroes struggle during battles.

The main difference between the two superheroes are their moral values. The Flash does not like to kill, whereas, the Green Arrow mercilessly kills. He always inspires others and talks someone’s way out of doing something they regret. Flash’s personality is more humorous and witty, while the Green Arrow is on the dark and serious side. Both superheroes have their own specialty. For example, Barry Allen is quick on his feet, while, Oliver Queen is hawk-eyed.

Two superheroes who have different fighting methods deal with a lot more than what is shown. A hero’s character is shown through their actions. The Flash does not like to kill. He gives them a chance to do good because he believes there is good in everyone. Meanwhile, the Green Arrow does not give others chances and kills for revenge. To conclude, a hero is someone who fights for the greater good of society despite obvious reasons to stop and they never give up even if they are afraid.


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