Song Analysis: “Wide Awake” By Katie Perry

Updated December 27, 2021

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Song Analysis: “Wide Awake” By Katie Perry essay

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Music can both be calming and therapeutic to the listener. In this song analysis, I will be reviewing the song “Wide Awake” sung by Katie Perry. I will be describing the aesthetics included in the song, lyrics description, song production and conclusion. I chose to take a deep dive into this song because the lyrics are relateable which allows me to connect with the singer. Additionally, I enjoy many of the songs by this singer. This song talks about love gone bad and dealing with obstacles that may fall in you path. Essentially, you will not be happy all the time. But when those times of sadness and hurt come, be ready to make a change and face those obstacles.


The song “Wide Awake” falls under the pop genre. It falls under this genre because of how the song is composed. Firstly, It is a popular song that is not too long and contains a repeated chorus. Secondly, the song has a very beautiful melody, which is a factor in its popularity. Lastly, The beat is not complex and harmony is not noted within the song. As I listen to the song, I hear the piano playing, then drums are added to create a dance pop feel. The piano and the drums follow a very repetitive beat through out the song. These repetitive beats highlight Katie’s emotion in the song. Which reiterates her facing reality even when her emotions run deep.

Lyrics Description

The lyrics to this song are well put together. The song begins with an intro, but you don’t not learn the meaning until later in the song. The chorus, depicts the songtress coming to a realization and maturing in her thought process. She heartbroken and now sees her mistake and is ready to move forward. The lyrics are written in the first person which tells me the songstress is speaking about herself and these feeling are her own. The lyrics also repeated lines on numerous occasions, which emphasizes importance. Emphasis shows that the songstress is open to change now, that she was not open to prior. She is moving on, because she believes it for the best.

Production of Song

The production of the song plays an important factor in the aesthetics. The songstress usually sings pop style of music and is being used by the singer to express her emotions about her situation. The song was written by more than one writers which included Katie Perry. The company who manages the music, has to careful in ensuring the music correlates with the theme of the song. Careful consideration is essential to ensure that the lyric and content work together. According to Wikipedia, the record label is “Capitol Records”. The song was produced by “Dr. Luke” and “Cirkut”.

Building a reputation is never an easy task, but with the right tools, anything is possible. Perry, built her reputation by singing songs that are very unique and relateable to her audience. Additionally, her voice, choice in extravagant fashion and her highly interesting videos have helped her move towards the top. “Perry rose to fame in 2008 with the release of her second album, a pop rock record titled One of the Boys”(Wikipedia, 2018). The primary audience may be composed of the general public including teenagers who listens and enjoys her music. This song was definitely directed at someone specifically, but its beats could also attract a baby boomer. It is well received and relateable to real life situations that can happen to anyone.


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Song Analysis: “Wide Awake” By Katie Perry essay

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