Song Analysis of “Roger Rabbit” by Sleeping With Sirens

Updated December 28, 2021

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Song Analysis of “Roger Rabbit” by Sleeping With Sirens essay

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Music can be a way for many people to express themselves and how they feel about specific topics in life. Some people use books, movies, speeches, but then their are some people who use musical artists and music to show emotion. In the song “Scene two: Roger Rabbit” by Sleeping With Sirens the artist uses mood, allusion, and repetition to convey the message that you need to find yourself to truly be happy in life and that you need to speak when you have the chance because you may not the next day.

One device Sleeping with Sirens uses to convey their theme in Roger Rabbit is by their mood of the song. Sleeping with Sirens is more known for their rock/metal style of music but this song has a very different mood. The mood in this song is more of a laid back, acoustic sound. This helps display the message because it gives you more of a calming, relaxing vibe to it which is what the theme is, it is about a calm topic, taking the time to really find yourself.

Another device that this song uses to represent its overall message is allusion. When you look at the title of this song that is a allusion itself. The song title is a allusion to the famous story “Roger Rabbit”. The overall theme of the song is how to better yourself and about truly loving and accepting yourself which is a similar theme to “Roger Rabbit” when it comes to improving yourself. For example in the song the singer Kellin Quinn sings “Don’t point the blame when you can’t find nothing Look to yourself, and you might find something It’s time that we sorted out All of the things, we complain about So listen close to the sound of your soul Take back a life we lived once before”. This quote is a excellent example of how this song is all about self improvement by saying you need to take a look at yourself and your choices before you blame others for your choices.

The last device that has a strong effect on this song is repetition. The fact that they repeat some of the most important lines of this song really adds to the meaning of the song and makes it all that more powerful and adds to the theme of it being so inspiring. For example in the song one line that is heavily repeated is “Nobody’s gonna love you if You can’t display, a way to capture this Nobody’s gonna hold your hand And guide you through No, it’s up for you to understand”. This line gets repeated so much because it is such a truthful line that is such a important life lesson to remember. It helps the audience remember that you won’t always have someone with you to hold your hand through life and that you have to learn to love yourself by yourself because no one can help you find self love besides yourself.

Song lyrics help people among several different ways, in some cases lyrics help save someone’s life. “Roger Rabbit” by Sleeping With Sirens is one of the many songs with huge meaning and inspiration behind it, that is shown with the use of repetition, the mood of the song and shown through allusion.

Song Analysis of “Roger Rabbit” by Sleeping With Sirens essay

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