Social Justice and Social Injustice 

Updated June 25, 2021

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Social Justice and Social Injustice  essay

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Social Justice is not just a word we hear in our everyday lives but a real life concept that people should pay more attention too. Social justice involves having equal rights and the same opportunities of having a good economic status, benefits, and privileges. People have the right like any other person no matter their political stance, legal status, and income to achieve a good life.

Social justice is said to be an advocate of reforming areas like our immigration system, healthcare, and criminal justice department, with certain individuals that have been discriminated against in the past by their race, color of their skin, and even gender. A good example of a public figure that gave people the power to fight for social justice, was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Not only did he begin the civil rights movement in the fight of racial equality but also he fought for a radical change in the United States’s economy and society.

Some examples of a couple of programs that support social justice in the US are workers compensation, food stamps (EBT and SNAP) public schools, handicap parking, and the first amendment. Worker’s compensation is a program that every work company is required to have because if an employee was injured on the job they are entitled to a compensation like have their healthcare insurance cover the costs of their doctor visit or be paid while their disabled from work for a period.

Food stamps are another program that helps people who don’t have enough money for grocery shopping. The company SNAP gives a monthly quantity full of nutritional foods but it’s only if a person that qualities, they will receive a debit card to purchase their groceries. Public schools are a very important government system in the US which gives kids from ages 5-18 a chance to go to school and get an education for free.

Handicap parking is an organization that gives elder people or people with disabilities a parking space that is close to the building, so, they won’t have to walk far and hurt themselves. The last one is the first amendment people are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and right to petition. All the 10 bill of rights are equal to every person including the 1st one and forbids congress from preventing people to have the right of expression, and they have the right to speak about anything they want, practice the religion they desire, prevents congress from restricting them to petition their government and assemble peacefully.

The labor market also is involved with social justice because it wants to ensure that all their workers are getting equal pay and the same opportunities as everyone else. The way that they’re doing this is by establishing labor unions to fight against the exploitation of workers. Social justice is such an important topic that everyone should always talk about because it insures that we are getting the social equality that we deserve doesn’t matter the circumstances or situations we are in.

Social injustice is exactly what it sounds like an injustice to our society. Social injustice is a concept that many people try to avoid but it’s hard to believe that most people are willing to let it happen and not take action. When it comes to social injustice we’re talking about things like the inequality of certain classes in our system of society like the differences between lower, middle, and higher class.

These differences are seen in many aspects such as public schools and private institutions for children. As many people may know, public schools are funded by the state government which means that they might not have the best environmental conditions old bathrooms and classrooms, whereas, in private institutions parents pay for their kids to have a higher quality of environmental conditions cleaner and newer bathrooms and classrooms.

Another example is the pay gap between races, ethnicity, and gender social injustice is involved in this because if we were to see the statistics of how much a white man is paid yearly, and then a colored woman there would be a significant pay gap just for the reason for white man being superior to a woman of another ethnicity or race. Yet another example of social injustice is healthcare.

It’s not fair that people have to suffer just because they might not have the money to pay for health insurance that will cover a doctor visit or medicine that they may need, healthcare should be free because people don’t choose to get sick it happens to everyone. Social injustice can also have to do with police brutality it has to do with racial inequality and discrimination why does an African American man or a Hispanic man seen as a threat to police officers then a typical white man that might be involved in a police case. It’s not fair that they’re treated this way for the color of their skin or background our society should be treated equally and judged with the same severity.

Housing in the US is very expensive and it’s a social injustice because it means if you don’t have thousands of dollars then you’re going to end up homeless. For one simple reason that the houses are way too overpriced and only a couple of people can afford them. This can become an issue for many people mostly middle class and lower class because they don’t have the same amount as a higher class person to buy a decent home to live in.

Sometimes people who don’t deserve the help and benefits that they receive instead of the people that need it more than anything which is a social injustice because it prevents people from prospering in life and achieving their goals. Social injustice is an ongoing issue that people need to continue to speak about so that one day we can make a change for the better and prevent the future generation from making the same mistakes as our society did.

Social Justice and Social Injustice  essay

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