Singers Who Stand the Test of Time

Updated August 30, 2021

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Singers Who Stand the Test of Time essay

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There are plenty of pop artists in the music industry, right? But the question is, how long will they last before dissipating Into a nobody? There are 3 artists who I think will stand the test of time due to their style, awards won already/popularity, how early they started and how far they’ve come, and how they relate to other artists who have been famous for many years. Those artists are Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Shawn Mendes.

These artists’ styles really stand out from the other artists in the pop game. Ariana has a bubbly kind of feel to her. All of her songs are really upbeat and about getting over breakups and coming out stronger on the other side. Many women love when they can relate to a celebrity on a personal level like that, meaning that her songs will be blasted for many years to come most likely. ( assuming there are still breakups and heartbroken girls around then). Taylor on the other hand is ever changing. She went from country star, to heartbroken and sad, to feminist.

Most of her songs now are about feminism and women empowerment. These days, women need to constantly be reminded of their importance. It’s because of how easily she can adapt to fit what people need to hear most at the time that she will last for a while. Shawn’s style is very raw and emotional. Most guys just skim the surface and act like players in their songs, but not Shawn. He digs down deep and writes from the heart. Due to this, his music plays at heartstrings you didn’t even know you had. His songs are very heartfelt and touching, which means a lot to most people. Because of this, people will most likely listen to his music for YEARS to come when they are feeling down and/or needed to listen to someone other than woman vent about her problems in life.

Another reason these artists are likely to be around for a while is because they are REALLY popular. Ariana has earned 16 awards so far. She is only 25, so that’s quite a few. She is also ranked #5 most popular overall and #4 most popular pop singer on the website Famous Birthdays ( A site that has facts and info on almost all celebrities). Taylor, who is 28, has won 23 awards so far in her career, with 10 of them being Grammys. She also holds the record for most Billboard Music Awards ever. She is ranked #10 most popular overall and #6 most popular pop singer on Famous Birthdays. Shawn has won 22 awards throughout his career. That might not seem like many but he’s only 20 years old. He’s also #13 most popular overall and #8 most popular pop singer on Famous Birthdays.

As if those 2 reasons weren’t explanation enough, I’ve got another. Ariana first started out singing when she was in a Broadway Musical at age 13. She ventured into acting for a few years, but soon found her way back to music. She released her first song “Put Your Hearts Up” in 2011. Katy Perry was also climbing to fame at that time and she’s still around. She released her first song in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2008 that she was noticed as an artist. She may not be as popular as she used to be, but she’s won MANY more awards awards than Ariana and still adding to the collection. Taylor first earned renown as a country artist at 16 and released her first song “Tim McGraw” in 2006. At the time, Beyoncé was climbing to fame. She released her first song in 2003, but started hitting fame around 2005-2007. Beyoncé is an icon now and is known as Queen Bey. Shawn started his career in music 2013 when he posted a cover video to Vine. He released his first single “Life of the Party” in 2014. Post Malone was starting to come up around this time. He is a singer/rapper and is VERY popular and well known. He released his first single “White Iverson” in the mid 2010s.

One last reason I think these artist will stand the test of time, just in case you needed further convincing, is because they share many traits with other artists who have been and still are popular to this day. One of these artists is Mariah Carey. To this day, people still blast her Christmas album. And one thing she will ALWAYS be famous and known for is her whistle notes. Only a very few and select artists can hit those notes. They are so high, they can barely be heard and have the ability to shatter glass. Ariana Grande is one of those artists. Once she started singing, she soon realized that she could get her voice really high and is now also very well known for her ability to hit whistle notes like Mariah.

Another artist who is still famous and has been for many years is Madonna. She’s well known for how iconic she is. She changed the role of women in pop music by being the first multimedia figure in the history of pop culture. Taylor is also known to be iconic and bold because of how she has switched between so many styles of music. Most artists start out on a style and continue with it. Taylor was gifted with the ability to be able to do a complete 360 on her style though. One of the most famous artists there ever has been and ever will be, the King Of Pop if you will, is Michael Jackson. He passed away many years ago and his music is still played and performed. He was well known for his music type. He had a very unique voice and his music related to touchy and deep subjects.

Shawn Mendes is very similar. His voice his pretty unique because it can reach very high and low notes that most male artists cannot reach. He also hits pretty touchy subjects. He writes about situations that most guys are too afraid to. Those situations are their emotions. Guys usually try their hardest avoid these things whereas Shawn goes straight for them as often as possible. This sets him apart indefinitely.

After all those reasons, I’m gonna assume that you’re convinced, even a little bit, that these artists will stand the test of time. Between their style, popularity/awards won, how far they’ve come, and how similar they are to other artists who are still famous, I don’t know how you couldn’t be. It’s not one, but all of these things that set these artists apart and have them set to be famously known all their lives if they choose to be.

Singers Who Stand the Test of Time essay

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