Setting of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Updated December 28, 2021

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Setting of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin essay

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This literacy analysis will look at the setting of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin story and give the functions of the forces of nature which happens in order to portray different messages and lead to different events in the story. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a book that begins its story from a planation located in Kentucky a place where Uncle Tom lives in a cabin together with his family. This is a family of slaves who are struggling to maintain their life and ensure they see another day healthy and ready to work for their masters. At this time fellow slaves like Eliza who is considered to be the favorite of Mrs. Shelby discovers that her son is sold and this forces her to flee to the North through Ohio towards Canada with her husband who is also a slave who had escaped. They are reunited in the Quaker camp before they took the run into Canada.

The whole story unfolds when Eliza overhears that her son has been sold to slavery and takes the decision to run away to Canada. Before this the husband had informed her that there were plans to leave their master so that they can escape and make a reunion in Canada. When she takes the escape she is followed by the trader Hadley but she escapes into Ohio River which she crossed using a floating ice.

The events that took place at the foot of the river shows the forms of nature that acts as the platform and a playing ground for the author. The river is seen becoming a channel through which Eliza uses to escape and at some point a child who was almost drowning into the river is saved by Tom and the girl’s father takes Tom as a personal servant to the daughter. This becomes a safety for Tom because the other slaves classifies the man as a gentleman who treats his slaves well. The river have played as a bridge that changes situations for the different people under different circumstances.

In the years 1852, the northern slaves were considered to be free slaves due to the fugitive slave act that was passed in 1850. Masters therefore could track slaves in the north capture them and send them to the south. Canada was part of the British Commonwealth and had already abolished slavery in majority of its territories and therefore was a provider of protection and refuge for slaves who were crossing in from its southern borders. Therefore this movement by Eliza and George form the south to the north does not tell us of the setting of the story but is a show of movement from danger to place of safety.

It is the contrast that Toms journey from the North, in Kentucky to New Orleans that brings interest in the story. They went through a peaceful sojourn in the beautiful plantations to an isolated and the far south which was under the power of Simon. This transition makes up a narrative movement which transits from a safer place into a darker region which is dangerous. The plantation makes a second ground where there are turns of events especially when Tom is taken down there in Louisiana ,this is where Tom convinces other slaves to witness the merciless brutally shown by Legree. Tom is a man that tried to hold on to what he believed in and became a source of support to others but the actions made Legree more furious and he now became a target of his brutality (Fisch 25).

The master times him well and when he tried to help other two slaves to escape he met with the last straw. The master orders Tom to be beaten to death and with the event he transforms those who beat him and they’re converted to Christianity and rejected slavery (Spingarn 209). The planation again acts as a place where although there are more pain than ever, it is becoming a source of change through suffering and punishment. This is the same thing that happens to Eliza in Canada who after too much struggles she makes it in Canada.

From the vents it shows how the relationship between the two places that is the North and the south which may look simple but the North though seems to be a refuge is still a racist place and the south giving rise to characters that resemble Christ in their character. This shows how the two sections are different and although the North is considered to be a place of refuge it is full of hypocrisy.

Setting of the Uncle Tom’s Cabin essay

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