Segregation in the American Schools of the 1960’s

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What was life like in the 1960’s? Well let’s take a closer look. Life in the 1960’s was a very rough time for anyone who was not of a white ethnicity. Segregation was a large issue in the during this time. What many people may not know is that segregation was not only directed towards blacks, but hispanics, latinos, or anyone of a colored origin as well.

Today, many people know the basic idea of segregation, such as blacks being forced out of schools, using hot, dirty water fountains, or being seated in the backs of buses. That was only a few brief examples of things going on during this time. This was a very emotional state for the blacks, they were forced to change their entire lifestyles, those who were not already slaves of course.

Many whites would hold up signs saying the wanted nothing but whites in their schools or fighting for them. With this being said, many blacks and hispanics were forced out of theaters, taverns, and many more public places. The whites did not help this situation by any means, they treated the blacks as if they were not even human. The hispanics were not as greatly affected compared to the blacks, but they were notaloud in white schools now wanted around by the whites. But hispanics were not thrown out of places as frequently as blacks were. With that being said, many of the blacks just sat around and let these things happen. Then again, there were a brave few who stood up and fought fought for what they believed in and to put an end to this devastating event occurring.

For instance, Rosa Parks, an African American woman, sat in the front of the bus and refused to move. Now remember during this time blacks had to sit in the back of the bus, but she didn’t care. She was arrested and punished for her actions of sitting in the front, but her actions took a huge part in the supreme court’s decision to enact a ban of segregation on city buses.

Martin Luther King jr. an African American man, also played a very important role in putting an end to segregation. He stood up and fought for African American rights with a peaceful protest. He was also behind the montgomery bus boycott, and the march on washington. He was awarded a nobel peace prize, and we remember him yearly on 15 February, better known as Martin Luther King jr. day.

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