“Run, Lola, Run” Movie Analysis

Updated October 27, 2021

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“Run, Lola, Run” Movie Analysis essay

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The movie Run, Lola, Run uses special visuals to explain how timing and chance can change our lives. Lola interacts with different people and according to timing, their lives changes. Her boyfriend got into big problems and they had to find 100,000 francs in 20 minutes. The same plot happens three times but with different consequences. During her run she interacted with different people, and each time consequences changed.

When Lola interacted with people, the producer stopped the scene and showed few pictures on what is going to happen with them. He tries to show that life is unpredictable. Also, during her run the producer added quick sounds which made you feel the tension and adrenaline. In her mind she made the quick decision on whom she should approach to get that much money. This was an idea of choice. Our choices bring us to different results. The producer tried to show us that we cannot predict and control everything. Each moment our lives can change.

Another point that this movie tried to emphasize, was time. The movie starts with clock sound. Time was Lola’s enemy in this movie. All she had was 20 minutes to save her boyfriend. The interesting technique of repeating movie 3 times gave the movie special effects. This added tension, and made audience to guess on what is going to happen each time if she is not going to be on time. Do we have a second chance to go back in time in real life? Unfortunately no, we just have one chance to do everything right to avoid unwanted consequences. Also, the movie showed that 20 minutes are long enough to change your destiny. People in these days do not value time properly. We all think that we have all the time in the world, but it is not true.

We should take an advantage of every single second. The repetition of time in the movie symbolizes that time never stops. Some people born, others die, and it will be always like that. There was one scene which I did not notice during watching. When Lola started to run, the movie changed to a cartoon for few seconds. In that cartoon the scary animal opened its mouth and started to eat everything on its way. I thought this was unrelated to the movie. However, at the end, when I started to analyze the scenes I realized that the scary animal represented the time. Time is unstoppable and it destroys everything on its way. No matter what Lola did on her three attempts, she had only 20 minutes. We can change our actions, our minds, but we can never change, stop, or add time.

In real life companies have problems related to time. Managers expect people to do a lot of job in small amount of time. Slow workers hurt not only business, but they hurt morale of company as well. Almost all businesses are team based, and each workers speed affects the overall result. It is important to set clear expectations. Maybe workers do not realize that they work slowly. Also, by just simply asking them why they work slowly might change the outcome. Their equipment could be outdated. Sometimes people who have higher positions frequently getting asked for help and that takes the time that they could use to finish their job faster. It is always helpful to make a job division. In that case people will work fast and specialize on their tasks. Companies use different approaches to make their workers to work productively without them even noticing that.

All in all, in real life time and chance are as important as in the movie, but it seems that only few percent of people realize that. The movie taught me a lot and made me to understand some important aspects, which I knew, but did not value enough. I will try to use my time wiser.

“Run, Lola, Run” Movie Analysis essay

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