Robin Williams as a a Famous Actor

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Did you know Robin Williams had many professions like an actor, producer, writer and a director? Another fact is that he was a gamer and his daughter’s name was Zelda. His son made up the name, Legends of Zelda, someone asked “can we name a game after your daughter? Another fun fact is, his favorite celebrity to impersonate was Jack Nicholson. When he was a kid his favorite books were The Lion King, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Lastly Robin got angry with Disney for using his voice as the Genie in Aladdin to sell stuff. So now we know some facts about him, lets dig deeper into his life.

Robin Williams was born on Saturday July 21st, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Gorton Elementary School, and he went to middle school at Deer Path Junior High School, then he went to Marin County High School. He went and studied at Redwood High School and graduated in 1969. Robin Williams was an only child, his mother was a fashion model and his dad was a wealthy Ford Motor executive. His parents had a 30 room mansion and he played with his 2,000 toy soldiers alone. Although, he was a great actor and he had many fans, growing up by himself might have contributed to his mental illness.

When he was 18, he graduated high school and went to Juilliard school to study theater. Robin performed at nightclubs as a comedian. He also performed as a mime on the streets. Robin went to Claremont Men’s College, then he left Claremont to go to the College of Martin in Kentfield to learn more about acting. A s a result of all the acting school, he became a famous actor and comedian.

Robin Williams helped with 37 charities and he used his talents to make people laugh. In charity work, lots of people loved him because he was a funny and caring person. Robin Williams was known for acting and being a comedian. He was known for many TV shows. Finally, he died in August of 2014 by hanging himself.

In conclusion, Robin Williams was a famous actor and comedian. He went to school then high school on to college he dropped out of it to work as a comedian and an actor. To wrap it all up, he was a person to other who needed help, also he was very funny actor and comedian.

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