Religious Liberty is Important

Updated October 25, 2021

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Religious Liberty is Important essay

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Having Religious liberty is almost like having freedom of speech, it’s just as important to respect people’s religions and beliefs as it is to respects others opinions. You might not always agree with their beliefs and/or opinions but it’s always good to at least ignore them and go on with your life. The state should accommodate all religions to the fullest extent because it’s their way of life and they should have the right to live that life to the fullest of their ability, and nobody should be able to hold that against them.

The state should take other religions more seriously and allow them to celebrate their holidays like we would ours. The state should let other religions practice their beliefs in peace as if it were our own, if you have to fast and pray all day then you should be able to do that and not be counted absent for school considering it’s a major holiday in other religions. We need to be able to combat the climate that is even greater today than when our religious liberty is under more viscous attacks. (Feulner) The people shouldn’t be afraid to speak out against something because they are afraid that others might not agree and take things into their own hands, this generation is very aggressive and sensitive to anything out of their comfort zone. They shouldn’t be afraid to believe in their religion, that shouldn’t even be a thought. This is why the state needs to be taking other religions more seriously, we’re supposed to be the land of the free. Not the land of one specific religion because we don’t understand why they don’t believe in the same thing as everyone else.

Religious liberty is a basic human right that contributes to everyday life. Whether or not religious liberty should be protected by provisions has different opinions, but often people don’t care which religion you follow. As long as you respects others beliefs 90% of the time they will respect yours. Even the congress won’t establish a national church because the framers didn’t want the government telling us who or how to worship. (Limbaugh) This shows that the government respects other religious beliefs even if they are not their own, and isn’t forcing one specific religion on everyone. This is the way everyone should act, to this day there are people who go to other lands trying to convert them into Christianity. Letting other people believe in their own thing shows individuality, everyone is different, no one wants to fit in anymore. 2018 is all about standing out and respecting others, there’s no time for drama anymore.

Let’s take a look on the other side, it’s easier to celebrate the most common religion in our country. Celebrating every single religion in the world and taking those holidays would cause a lot of absences and maybe that would be okay if we had school year round, but we don’t. We have to keep in mind that all there ever is, is conflict about how we’re not all treated equally and as soon as we speak out about it they want to blow it off. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” (Limbaugh) They always claim to care about religious freedom but have yet to do anything about it, religious freedom is just as important as freedom of speech.

In conclusion religious freedom should hold value in this country and we should take it as serious as every other issue. We shouldn’t be limited on our ability to live our life the way our religion tells us to, we deserve the right to live up to it to its fullest extent just as Americans take their holidays serious, we should respect others.

Religious Liberty is Important essay

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