Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Updated November 16, 2021

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Pros and Cons of Online Shopping essay

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In January 1st, 1983, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network a.k.a ARPANET took over a communications prototype that establishes requirements for how data could be distributed among multiple networks (TCP/IP). After that researchers began to work on the ‘’network of networks’’, which is the internet that we all know now. Nowadays, the internet improves the business industry dramatically, whether it’s by communications with associates or costumes, or by marketing in the same country or worldwide. I think that business can be both harmed and benefited from the use of the internet.

It is possible for someone to build their entire business on the internet which can be helpful sometimes, but on the other hand, the increase of online business will decrease the fun of physical shopping because more and more business is going online rather than opening a store. One of the biggest impacts that helped increase online business is social media. These days everyone even children have phones, and it’s rare for someone to not have internet access, it’s just a social convention. So, by these standards, some business owners build their business entirely on social media, and once the business starts to gain followers, they can use a verity of techniques to keep them interested while they keep improving their business and expanding their products, plus the owner can start the business having a capital.

Advertisement on social platforms also boosted the business world, because now social platforms can target a specific audience, whether it’s gender, location, age range, or even to the things that they liked online. This can help the business to be with the right costumers and is a powerful tool for business owners to take advantage of, rather than advertising to someone that has no interest in the products they’re marketing. By this way, business owners will not worry much if their business failed, because they can save a lot of money and time.

The ability to use Business Automation is a major advantage in the business world. The ability to convert the massive work in order to start a business to a simple online website can help the business save a lot of money and make their work much easier and more productive. Even in the long run like building a campaign will now be easier, because everything can be advertised with specific dates and locations and according to the audience feedback, the business can manage their money, and everything can be supervised online, usually, some employee will have to keep track of everything and monitor the campaign. Online shopping is some very popular in today’s world, simply because it’s easier and there is a verity of options to choose from, plus it’s 24/7.

People tend to shop online for many reasons, such as prices. People have the ability to choose from different shops, compare prices, and find the deal that best suits them. Many online stores give out coupons and discounts to loyal customers, and costumers can save paying taxes since taxes is only required in an actual store. By these advantages, people can find better prices online than going to a local store in their area and save this money for the future. Online shopping offers plenty of options online to choose from, whether it’s a brand or something you’re looking for.

Even the same item can be found in a huge verity of details. For example, if someone is looking for a specific shoe and didn’t find the size he’s looking for or whatever color he wants, he can visit multiple stores all around the world until he finds whatever they’re looking for. Plus, almost every retail offers international shipping, so someone’s location will not stop them from buying whatever they want, from a simple toy to full home furniture, so no one would not worry about getting anything they want. On the other, online business can be dangerous or an insufficient way for people to shop. There are varies reasons people find online shopping not as good as physical shopping. Security is one of the main issues people are concerned about. Website’s security can be compromised by a lot of ways, such as hackers that redirect the money people paid to their account, which can cause the costumer to lose money depending on what he purchased. Also, they can obtain the costumer’s personal information such as the bank account information, which without a doubt is extremely risky.

People also can worry about copyrights, because the law on the internet is not the same as buying something from physical law. This can cause plenty of problem for people who’re buying something expensive like a watch or a rare collectible item. Moving to a slightly different problem is shipment and delays. Shipment might be expensive to some people whether it’s because of the distance from where they are living to where the store is located. People might find it easier sometimes to just go to a store and buy whatever they want, rather than spending a good sum of money on shipping, plus they can’t know what is the environment which the shipment was in and their product’s condition.

Although there is a verity of options online, whether its prices or qualities, the customer will never actually know the quality or the conditions of the product they bought. There are a lot of scams and fake stuff online and it’s hard to figure out if the product they bought is actually good quality. My major problem with online business is the vast use of internet and online shopping. The number of people who are shopping online is increasing every day, people are avoiding contact with their community and spending too much time shopping online rather than going to an actual shop and engage with other people. Online business can be both useful and harmful depending on how often people use it.

I think having the option to buy anything you want at any time is a great gift because sometimes people can be lazy or sick to go outside to get whatever they need. There are some things that you just can’t find in the local stores, so online shopping will be a great way to get it. On the other hand, people are using online shopping way too much, and their interactions with people are less than before. This can be dangerous in the long run, because if people shop visiting physical stores, the business owner would close the store and put all his attention on the online shop rather than dividing his attention, paying rent, and renovating the store.

Pros and Cons of Online Shopping essay

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