Proclaiming Our Independence from Mexico

Updated April 22, 2022

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Proclaiming Our Independence from Mexico essay

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We were in the arms of the Mexicans, but we wanted to go on our separate ways we wanted to become independent. Our famous explorer and U.S. military officer Captain John C. Fremont. He was supposed to be seeking for the location of the source of Arkansas river. While there he encouraged the people to st start an uprising. With his aprovel a small group of farmers and mountain men as well as hunters decided to strike against the Mexicans. On the date of June 10 frontiersman named Ezekiel Merritt seized a herd of 170 horses which the government of Mexico had owned. Four days later we went to the town of Sonoma and group of 30 of us captured a retired Mexican governor named Mariano Vallejo. They told him he was a prisoner of war but confused because he actually supported them he invited them inside for some drinks. While capturing the mecix general we decided to talk, we talked for several hours and finally came to an agreement. Under the leadership of Merritt and another stettler named William Ide, declaring the independence from Mexico and announcing the creation of California Republic. To make it official we used a cotton sheet and some red paint with a crude drawing of a bear and a lone star and with the words “California Republic” at the bottom. From this it was known as the Bear Flag revolt. Announcing the independence from Mexico and its power. Although the victory did not last to long the flag was only up for about 3 weeks. The united states had declared war against Mexico in May 13 1846. The Bear flaggers had not known this at the time of the revolt. They’re ultimate goal was to make California apart of the United states had little reason to stay with their “new government”. But now there was a war mexican american war acooring. With the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo the war ended although there were many changes. Coming from the defeated mexican army and the fall of Mexico city on September 1847 the Mexican government surrendered and peace negotiations began. The war had officially ended with February 2, 1848, signing in mexico of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. With many conditions the treaty added 525,000 square miles to the United States territory. Which now is present day Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Nevada , New Mexico and Wyoming. As well Mexico also had to recognize that Rio Grande as Americas boundary. The united states as well had to give up something they had to settle all claims of the U.S.citizens against Mexico agreed to take over 3.25 million U,S, dollars in debt mexican owed to the American citizens. As well they had to pay 15 million dollars with the treaty. In 1850 California was able to join the union. Soon the Bear Flag it was officially adopted as California’s state flag in 1911 paying off the work the put in.ndence

We are a small group of Americans in the land of the Mexicans but we seem to grow with time we know that they start to fear our growth in numbers. With the help of U.S military Officer Captain John C Fremont we gathered in groups full of mountain men, farmers and hunters. We decided to strike against Mexico and proclaim our independence, we did not want to me run by a government like that. Frontiersman named Ezekiel Merritt seized a herd of 170 horses with a group of men which the government of Mexico had owned in a way to get their attention. Soon we moved up to seize Morino Vallejo he was one of the richest men at the time with a lot of power as well. He was captured by Ezekiel Merritt and his followers in the city of Sonoma. Although they were able to get his signature they were still in trouble because they were in war the “Mexican American War”. Making a flag with the image of a bear and alone star stood for a while but faded away while fighting for the land. We fought for our land and trying to keep Texas with us. They did not like how the Mexican government treated them in ways they thought they could do better. With hard fought and bloody battles against Mexico we defeated them they called for a peace treaty which was granted in 1848.The war lasted about 2 years since 1846. We came up with hard negotiation plans they had to give us our land which no present day is Arizona, California,Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming as well as having to give all of the Texas claims and had to recognize that the Rio Grande was America’s southern boundary. We did give them 15 million dollars and as well agree to take over the pay they had to give to all the mexican american switch was 3.25 million dollars. California was finally accepted to the Union and the bear flaggers flag was brought into to be representing them, rebelling and revolting to Mexico getting our independence.

Proclaiming Our Independence from Mexico essay

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