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Summary Of Eleanor Ayer’s ‘Parallel Journeys’

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Summary Of Eleanor Ayer’s ‘Parallel Journeys’ essay
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In Eleanor H. Ayer’s nonfiction novel, “Parallel Journeys”, Ayer uses Critical Imagery and Foreboding diction to portray Alfons Heck as a young, competitive Hitler Youth boy. Ayer’s use of critical Imagery showed the story of both Jews and Germans, which changed both lives after the influence of Hitler. Her use of foreboding diction throughout the book states what will soon occur; that may appear to be heart-wrenching to some. Alfons Heck wanted the world to be saved from poverty which he learned only through schools. He looked at more things about their crisis and learned how great Hitler was all because of school.

Alfons was living with his grandma who at the time knew about Hitler’s rising and success and the reality of it’s horrid outcome. Yes, Hitler was going to save their country but, they were unaware upon the mass genocide of the Jews in their near future. Assassination attempts were laid on Hitler but were a futile attempt since Hitler was insanely paranoid.

“What to do with Jews? JEWS FOR SALE – WHO WANTS THEM? NO ONE!” Emphasizes the Germans yelling their headlines to help encite all of the anti-jew propaganda. Agitating the Germans to go against the Jews and borrowing land were all parts of his plan. Alfons Heck could never have changed the outcome, and who he wanted to be. The Nazi noose were not a thing anybody mentioned but people knew in their vicinity that the person may be a Jew. “We’re asking twelve-year-olds to attack enemy tanks,” since age obviously did not seem to matter by this point. The Nazi noose tightens, the bannfuhrer quickly gave him the title since he was traitorous, now the boy is about to be sent to his death. Alfons found himself ordering these troops but learned that their nearing deaths were inevitable. If troops aren’t anything to Hitler really, they just need to think they’re supporting their fuhrer but hes no more caring about them then if they were animals sent to the slaughter.

Hitler didn’t care about his troops because he saw them as a resource to be used and not as people.Alfons was flattered the moment he met Hitler and him telling Alfons he trusted him with an army. Alphons tears were freezing but he never had a flicker of doubt and pushed on.

A cat and mouse are a perfect representation of hitler and the americans relationship; they hated each other because hitler was power hungry and couldn’t stand being weak and the americans because the were disgusted by the atrocities that they germans had committed. Finally, the germans couldn’t run any longer and were trapped in their own country surrounded by enemies.

Truth was the war could have ended long ago due to Curtiss P-40 Warheads. Alfons was determined to go in the sky since every man’s dream was to fly but he needed to live with his army and fight until the end so he could make it out alive. “The Nazi regime had molded me successfully, for despite our losses, I could still believe in nothing but total victory” Alfons brought a mass of doubt for the sham Hitler was after he seen what his orders were which were to kill anyone who would retreat.

After Alfons was sent back home for a second chance at survival, he felt as if he was dropped off but realized he needed the second chance because of the overpowered amis. If they had not turned themselves in then the village where Alfons was born might not have been ripped apart. You should not wish for more power like it said in the story “fool’s paradise,” since he had nothing close to being in danger. A child’s death could stop him before but now he’s a full grown adult, and can’t butt out on the war. “But you can’t imagine how many cowards are trying to fake orders to get away from the fighting.”Alfons came to a moment of defeat but when he seen what’s near him he was drawn to a battle of survival.

On Christmas Eve, his home was demolished, not a triumphant return since he knew the war was already over. More than sadness will occupy after he learns of what the war goal really was.

In Eleanor Ayer’s nonfiction novel, Parallel Journeys she uses Condescending imagery with an amorous but smoothness when speaking about perspectives. Numb diction, quite a lot of cold killings and the last of Hitler including troops seen as animals. Alfons proves his strength, a value close to power but youthfulness gone sour. A war built on poverty came about as the perfect attempt for total annihilation on the Jews to hitler, and maybe Alfons to.Alfons told a story from the most sensitive outcome, which was destroying, retreating, and even dignity.

Summary Of Eleanor Ayer’s ‘Parallel Journeys’ essay

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