Opera Singer Mariah Carey Inspires Me

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Mariah Carey was born on August 20, 1970 in Huntington, long island, New York, born to Alfred Roy Carey, a Venezuelan aeronautical engineer; and Patricia Carey, a voice coach and opera singer.

Mariah Carey has two older siblings: a brother, Morgan, and a sister, Alison. Mariah Carey shared later in her life that she felt neglected by her family when she was a child. When Mariah Careys family spit up her and her brother went with their mother and then her sister went with their father. mother is of Irish descent, and her father was of African & Venezuelan descent.

Mariah Carey attended Greenlawn’s Harbor fields High School, she had been given the nickname mirage because she would never show up to class.

Mariah Carey has faced many challenges throughout her career, for example she was going to drop of a DVD of her singing, but someone stole it, heartbroken Mariah Carey went home, turns out that the person who stole it was the head of Sony music and when he listened to it in the car he told his driver to turn around to find out who that was singing , but Mariah Carey had already went home so just like in the story Cinderella he searched far and wide until he finally found her, talk about luck.

Mariah Carey is well known for her eight-octave voice and she was the first person to have their first five songs reach number one on Billboard. Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Minnie Riper ton and Stevie Wonder inspired Mariah Carey with their wonderful musical talents, my favorite out of all the people who inspired her is Stevie Wonder he and my mother love Stevie Wonders “isn’t she lovely” it’s one of my favorite songs.

But enough about them. Mariah Carey is an amazing singer who has a very wide vocal range, she has an eight-octave voice which is part of the reason that she is famous. It is a fun fact that Mariah Carey does not like the louder side of her voice but, she likes the softer tone of her singing but personally I love just her singing in general.

The reason that Mariah Carey inspires me is because she was an inspirational, sensational singer who has one of the highest singing voice that I have ever heard, also she is my second favorite singer. I spend a lot of time on music, like playing piano, doing vocal warmups, and playing music in my room whenever I can, those are some of the habits that can help me be more like Mariah Carey. 3 habits that I want to have by the time that I graduate high school are, I want to do more singing in higher ranges so that I can have a larger vocal range, I want to play more musical instruments, and I want to start singing more.

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