Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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The book Never Let Me Go, written by Kazuo Ishiguro was published in 2005. Kazuo is a British novelist born 8.november 1954 in Nagasaki, Japan, but moved to United Kingdom when he was five years old. He has written seven novels, the first one 1982 and last one is written 2015. He have got several awards for his novels and works, Never let Me Go was named on Time magazine´s list of the 100 greatest English language novels and in 2017, the Swedish Academy awarded Ishiguro the Nobel Prize in Literature. Ishiguro was knighted in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

This is a science fiction story about 3 students, Kathy H, Ruth and Tommy and their friendship. They grew up in a school named Hailsham which is a boarding school up in the countryside of England. Students are not allowed to leave the school primacy and spend all their time at the school. The teachers, also identified as a keepers or guardians at Hailsham, raise up the students. The children in Hailsham where told by the teachers that they were lucky, Hailsham was the best, the most privileged of schools. The plot at the novel is that every student at Hailsham are clones and they were made for one purpose only, to be an organ donor. Where the students come from are hidden, just that they are clones of people from the lowest levels of society.

This essay is about the three main characters in the novel, where they are compared and contrasted. How do they cope with the situations that they find themselves in, and to explore which of the characters is the most successful in dealing with their circumstances.

Page one in the novel start with where Kathy H. introduces herself. She is the narrator of the novel, 31 year old, a carer for almost 12 years and soon she will becoming a donor. Kathy is a happy girl and proud of her work as a career and how her life has become. She drives around and take care of donors wide across the country. Always hoping that she will see a glitter of Hailsham, it is like she misses the life she had there. Hailsham has definitely made a big effect on her. She is a kind, caring and sensible person, she is also intelligent and clever girl. Like Tommy she likes to know more about Hailsham. She likes Tommy a lot and

Ruth is Kathy´s best friend from the Hailsham school. She is a leader among her friends at Hailsham, she has a big temper and wants to be best of all students at Hailsham. She can be cruel and quite nasty, and even sometimes she is very controlling person. She can also be very kind and has a close friendship with Kathy and for a while she is in relationships with Tommy, but it is hard for her to show real emotions towards them both. In some way Ruth can also be naive and not sure how to deal with her problems like a grown up would do.

Tommy D. is a close childhood friend with Kathy. He was also a student at Hailsham. When he was young at Hailsham he got teased all the time for his childish drawings, short temper, his anger problems and his tantrums he throws. He is very sensitive, and he has always had feelings for Kathy, but Ruth has somehow managed to keep them apart. Tommy has from start trust Kathy with his secrets and desire. Both of them want to know the true about Hailsham. Wen being in relationship with Ruth it seems that Tommy is in a way back and not sure how to perform or act in a closed relationship to another person. When Tommy grows up he changes to a very kind hearted person.

Tommy is sure that rumours about deferrals for people from Hailsham and other similar schools who are in love is true. So, he has for a long time made drawings of fantastic animals with hope that these drawings will secure him place in this deferrals. You will be able to spend some years with your lover before you completed the donation process.

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