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Updated May 5, 2022

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Music To Play essay

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Back when I was a child, my father and I really loves listening and singing songs. We will go to his friend that knows how to play the guitar and the jamming session will start. Singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs and clapping our hands so loud, not minding the people that surrounds us. Enjoying and loving the moment, thinking that this moment will last.

Superman. My mother tried to get me out in her womb because of the difficulty of our life but my father didn’t let that happen so he fought for my life and had an argument with my mother and warned her that if something bad happen to me, he will never forgive her. But thank God I was safe. I was born fine and healthy, he was very happy. From the moment I knew this event he became my hero, my superman. He was not just my hero but he was a soldier that protects and fought for our country just like what he did for my life. He was a hero for everyone and I’m so proud that he’s my father.

Feel Special. My father was always making me feel that I am special, that I am wanted. There was this time that I cried a lot because my mother didn’t buy the toy that I really wanted but she was abled to buy toy for my big brother, my father knew it aand scolded her. He then buy me the toy I wanted and gave it to me. I was very happy that time because of my father, I can’t say how thankful I am that day but I guess the happiness that was written in my face was enough for him. Because of him, I feel so special, I feel so wanted, and I feel so loved.

You are the reason. My father is the reason why I’m happy and sad. Because of his work he needs to get far away from us. I always cry because I missed him so much and I will get the cellphone of my mother to call him and let him hear my sobs and I’m begging him to come home or bring me too to his work, he will go home and make sure he has something to give to

me that will make me happy. He will also bring me to the beach and park and spend time with me to erase the feeling that I felt when he was far away. As I grow older I understand his work and just wait for him to comeback because before he leaves, he will always say “Bawi rako pag makauli nako nak ha”. He is the reason why I became patient and understanding, he’s the reason of my life.

One sweet day. The most heartbreaking and saddest day of my life happened. My father died. Someone called my mother telling that my father was killed. My mother told my brother and she last me to know what happened to my beloved father, at first I was not believing it, thinking that my mother was just joking, I will not believe it not until I saw the news that talks about my father, it was confirmed when I saw his i.ds and his face in the television. Days passed we get his body in the airport and I can’t talk nor cry, I am still in shock. Asking God in my mind, “why does it have to be my father?”. Regrets come to my mind and heart because I didn’t use the chances that I have to tell him how lucky I am to his daughter, how much I miss him and how much I love him. I didn’t use the chances to make more memories with him and now I can’t remember the memories we had because I was just too young when he leaves me. But I know that one sweet day will come that we will meet again and I will take that 1 last chance to make it up to him.

Today, I am always praying to God the things I wanna say to my father because I know He will tell my father what I am sharing to Him.

The day that he was gone was also the day I can’t decide what music to play.

Music To Play essay

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