Morrie’s Death in Tuesdays With Morrie Book Review

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Morrie’s Death in Tuesdays With Morrie Book Review essay
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Eventually, everyone faces their inevitable death; however, no one could handle it as gracefully as Morrie Schwartz had. In the book, “Tuesdays With Morrie”, after years apart, Mitch Albom reunites with his dying college professor, Morrie, to be taught a series of life lessons from him before he meets his end. They meet every Tuesday and Morrie fills shares his knowledge on life with Mitch. Ultimately, these life lessons gave Mitch a new perspective on life, and they could do the same for most people.

During one of Mitch’s few visits, as he sits with his old professor he is told, “Accept the past as the past, without denying it or discarding it.” There is no hidden meaning in these words, the lesson is simple, but hard to take in. No one can change the past, any action taken can not be undone. The past just can’t be forgotten, no one is able to bury any fault from their past in the back of their minds.

Morrie felt this was important for Mitch to learn as a way to cope with any guilt he felt and he was right. I now know, things more troubling may occur if I were to all try and forget the mistakes I have made before, things such as guilt. This is a very important lesson that could apply to many parts of my life, and surely most everyone could use it at some point in their lives.

Another thing Morrie said which can be found to be very important is, “Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” What Morrie meant was once we are able to comprehend and accept that we all eventually will meet our end, we will not worry about it as much, therefore giving us a chance at a more carefree life. This helped me to understand I will ultimately die, and I know not to take as many things for granted; my friends, family, pets, etc.

I love more because I know one day I will not be here to show the important people in my life that I love them. Morrie said this to Mitch as a way to get him to understand that the idea of death does not have to be a scary thing. Once we learn that we have an end, we learn to appreciate things and take more out of life.

Lastly, another wonderful piece of wisdom passed down from the old professor to his favorite student, “Death ends life, not a relationship.” This is incredibly important. There is nothing that can stop a true, strong relationship from ending. Even when Morrie died, he lived on in the hearts of others and his memory was kept alive through his loved ones. When someone dies, you do not stop loving them.

The bond between two people can not instantly dwindle and die due to a death, there is nothing that can stop two people from loving each other. This was very important for Mitch, and everyone else who shared a strong relationship with Morrie to know. This comforting piece of knowledge can help anyone dealing with a death, beyond the burials and cremations a deep, undying love will carry on. Love is not something that ends.

Morrie’s Death in Tuesdays With Morrie Book Review essay

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