MLK: 50 Years After

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Martin Luther King has done quite a great work in our nation. Although, the things he addressed when he was still alive, some of them are still an issue to this day. Poverty for example, is still a big issue in America, considering the fact that people who suffer from poverty tend to have less education, more health problems and less access to nutritionally adequate food. Martin Luther King was born as a slave wherein that time, learning is forbidden for slaves. However, it didn’t stopped him from pursuing his dream to learn and make a difference in our nation, which he somehow did. He addresses important issues that are negatively impacting our nation. If he was still alive at this current time, he would’ve addressed poverty as he intended to do.

It is true that an individual can make a difference, they just need to take action to make it happen. Recall back when MLK stayed and fight with nothing but wisdom even though his life was in endanger, showed that he was a true hero with a determination to make a difference in doing what is right and fighting without violence involved. His own words has changed so many things, has fixed a nation full of neglected conflicts, and most of all, he made an impact in the hearts of the citizens. If he had the chance to continue and address poverty, he would grab that opportunity with nothing but his strong yet knowledgeable words. Governments, policy makers and society at large depend upon precise and timely information about poverty in order to create and deliver the most effective solutions, as they continue to chip away, bit by bit, family by family, and community by community, at the scourge of poverty.

When President Obama took office, the world was in the midst of a food, fuel and financial crisis that brought millions of people to the brink of poverty. In 2007 and 2008, food prices hit all-time highs, putting basic staples such as rice and wheat beyond the reach of the world’s most vulnerable populations. President Obama acted to focus the world on food security and give millions of people a pathway out of hunger and extreme poverty. With a clear focus on fighting poverty, hunger and undernutrition, President Obama launched a global food security initiative called Feed the Future as one of the first foreign policy acts of his presidency. In 2009, President Obama committed $3.5 billion to end hunger and extreme poverty.

The United States has surpassed that pledge with more than $5 billion in commitments and secured more than $20 billion in commitments from other donors. As a result, it helped the United States in so many ways like for example, Feed the Future has helped nearly 7 million farmers apply new technologies such as high-yielding seed varieties on about 9.9 million acres of land, an area greater than the states of Massachusetts and New Jersey combined. The initiative has reached 12.5 million children with improved nutrition to ensure they have food to fuel their minds and bodies. Through the New Alliance and Grow Africa partnerships, more than 2.6 million smallholders have already been reached through services, training, sourcing or production contracts and more than 33,000 jobs have been created.

Considering that not only government but also the citizen themselves can help end poverty by reducing unemployment because it is a major cause of poverty, due to the fact that the unemployed have little income, relying on state benefits. Also, sustaining economic growth can help because promoting economic growth increases total income in society, creating more jobs and income which could be redistributed. Lastly,increasing progressive taxes, such as the higher rate of income tax from 40% to 50%, will take more income from those on high-income levels. This enables cuts in regressive taxes (e.g. VAT/Sales tax) and increased welfare benefits which help increase the income of the poor. This can be an effective way for reducing relative poverty. As a citizen, we can help prevent and end poverty in so many ways. One of them is education. Education will always be the key to succession as MLK proven that it is. Setting your goals and plan on achieving them at a young age is a great start. Looking on the bright side, not just the fact that it enables higher skilled workforce but also, as an individual and citizen, we helped the nation’s economy with the knowledge we have.

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