Marketing Strategy of Walmart

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Wal-Mart sets certain goals within each commercial or advertisement toward their targeted audience in hope they will be persuaded to purchase their products. Wal-Marts slogans have always focused on advertising the stores low prices and savings compared to other retail companies. Many brands keep their taglines for many years, but Wal-Mart hasn’t.

Wal-Mart has created a new slogan to sell their customers a more value and better quality of life. Wal-Mart changed their slogan from, “Always Low Prices. Always.” to “Save Money, Live Better.” When a commercial is released, Wal-Mart tends to make their store appear friendly and present a ‘happy to serve the customer’ atmosphere. What people, especially the ones who shop regularly at Wal-Mart, don’t realize is Wal-Mart is deceiving.

The commercials and advertisements themselves are deceiving. In the commercials, the Wal-Mart employees aren’t typically not as spirited as the commercial portrays them to be. Not only have I shopped at Wal-Mart, but I’ve worked for them. None of what they portray in the commercials exists in the reality of Wal-Mart. Therefore, I chose Wal-Mart.

Doing seasonal changes, Wal-Mart tends to a holiday themed commercial, capitalizing on the moment, to bring more customers in. For example, in the 2018 Wal-Mart Christmas commercial, “Let the Good Times Roll”, parents are going Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart for their children.

The commercial is advertising parents being able to save money on hundreds of toys with rollback prices. The tune, “Let the Good Times Roll,” along with the visual representations expresses the spirit of Christmas. In the commercial, the customers were surrounded by aisles of toys that were neatly stocked with rollback prices.

The customers, along with the associates, were in great spirits. The next scene showed two teenage boys and a girl rolling on Healys, what seemed to be gifted to them. Not only did they enjoy their gifts, but they seemed to enjoy each other’s company as well.

Walmart was presenting themselves as, ‘America’s Best Toy Shop.’ No dialogue or narration was employed through this Christmas advertisement, though, the audio of “Let the Good Times Roll” played a major role by setting the mood of the commercial. The tune was implementing the ability to have fun or live fully while shopping with rollback prices.

I believe this tune was added to portray a Christmas atmosphere, evoking the emotions in the customer; this was a technique of pathos. Since the holiday season is family orientated people express emotions of love and are reminded of good memories. Wal-Mart uses the pathos in their commercial to evoke emotions and fond memories of Christmas that hopefully the customers will be able to relate to.

A holiday season atmosphere was presented throughout the store to capitalize on the holiday spirit. The representation of the Christmas spirit displayed in the commercial is an example of logos to try to influence the customers.

To me, the commercial wasn’t very influencing. It could’ve been done differently. The background music functioning as the source of ethos creates an emotional familiarity associated with Christmas time, but these emotions are rarely felt during the hectic shopping that occurs during the holiday season.

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What is the marketing strategy used in Walmart?
Walmart's marketing strategy is a combination of low prices and convenience. They use various advertising channels, including television, social media, and in-store promotions, to attract customers and increase sales.
What is Walmart strategy for success?
The Walmart strategy for success is to provide low prices and great selection. The company has been able to grow by offering every day low prices and a wide variety of merchandise.
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