Life of Shirley Chisholm and Sojourner Truth Character Analysis

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After reading as well as viewing clips on Shirley Chisholm and Sojourner Truth, two African American women, they believe in equal rights for women overall. Both Chisholm and Truth took a stand against the inequalities that were prevailing during their time. This is based around privileged white males and their actions, along with opinions, towards other fellow Americans. Now, it is 2018 and something similar is occurring. While the Midterm elections were in gear, there was plenty we could take away. Plenty of history has been made due to women having seats in the House. This includes the record number of women being at least 100 seats to be won. Not only that, but President Trump’s election was defined by female activism. There is still a long way to go to accomplish what Truth and Chisholm started though.

Shirley Chisholm made history by becoming the United States’ first African American congresswoman, beginning the first of seven terms in the House of Representatives during 1969-1983. She was a member of the House of Representatives from New York’s 12th congressional district. Throughout her political career, Chisholm fought for educational opportunities and social justice. Later on, Chisholm left congress to become an educator herself. She believed in equality for both women and African Americans. “It is true that part of the problem has been that women have not been aggressive in demanding their rights. This was also true of the black population for many years. They submitted to oppression and even cooperated with it. Women have done the same thing.” (From “Equal Rights For Women” by Shirley Chisholm.) Chisholm’s outlook or point of view on this situation is much like Sojourner Truth’s.

Sojourner Truth, originally born Isabella Baumfree, believed women should have the same rights as men because women are just as capable. Truth changes her name once she was convinced that God called her to leave the city and go into the countryside ‘testifying the hope that was in her.” (The Norton Anthology of African American Literature, 3rd Edition, Vol 1) Her speech “Ain’t I a Woman?” became widely known during the Civil War. In the speech, it was clear she demanded equal humane rights for all women and African Americans. Being an advocate for both was dangerous on its own, especially when she was a black female. Truth shared her speech to the public with a demanding tone yet composed presence. She stood against and for many topics. Truth spoke about abolition, women’s rights, prison reform, and preached to the Michigan Legislature against capital punishment. Not everyone appreciated her lectures, but it didn’t phase her since she had others by her side.

The 2018 Midterm elections falls similarly to their points of views. A record breaking 102 women were elected to the House of Representatives. That historic number includes a handful of female veterans along with other service candidates. It isn’t only women that are making history in these midterms, but LGBT candidates too. From a pair of Native American women to a Somali refugee to the first openly gay man elected governor, the 2018 midterm elections brought a series of history-making votes that marked major accomplishments for both women and LGBT candidates. A record number of women are projected to win seats in the House, this means a massive night for female candidates all across the political spectrum. The results of the 2018 midterm election ushered in one of the most diverse groups of politicians in American history.

In conclusion, after having read Sojourner Truth and Shirley Chisholm’s beliefs about women and African Americans, and how they took a stand, a connection can be made to the 2018 Midterm elections. Both women stood against the inequalities that were universal around their time period. Their outlooks were mainly aimed towards privileged white males and how they acted towards the other gender and races. The same way these two women stood up for their people, now hundreds more will in the House of Representatives. The Midterm elections that were held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, is to thank. History was made that day, by white and colored females alike, as well as lgbt candidates. They will all stand for each other through the years to come, and the rest of the American population.


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