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Life of Anne Frank Essay essay
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Imagine being alone in an attic with a bunch of people you extremely dislike for two years. Anne Frank had to do this and as you would imagine it was not very lighthearted. Anne and her family had to go into hiding because World War II led to forcible relocation Jews into concentration camps. At least she had her diary that she could write her feelings in, so she expressed how she felt about her family and the family that lived with them in the secret annex. She loved writing about her one and only Peter Van Dan. Isolation is a significant theme in the Diary of Anne Frank because Anne feels annoyed by all the annex residents, misses her friends, and most importantly, simply wants to be a normal, free teenage girl.

As you read in the introduction, Anne is annoyed by a lot of the annex residents. The Secret annex is where the Franks, the Van Daans, and Dr. Dussel are hiding from the Nazis who might take them to concentration camps if they are discovered. In the book, ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ Anne states, “No one understands how I feel. I feel unwanted.”. As you can see, Anne feels miserable and doesn’t want to be in the annex anymore because of the people in it. The annex residents do not treat Anne fairly; they accuse and blame her for everything and everyone. Anne doesn’t have anyone to talk to about her feelings, and as a result Anne only wants to be loved with compassion.

The second reason isolation is a significant, recurring theme is that Anne misses all her friends that she had to say goodbye to due to the war. She had a best friend that she felt wasn’t respected enough for being such an amazing person. Her name was Henalli, but Anne called her Lies. Lies was taken to a concentration camp, and Anne now fears that she might already have passed away. Anne states, “She was a really good friend, but I did not notice how important she was until she got taken.” Losing a best friend might just be the worst thing that could happen to anyone especially during a time like World War II. Anne feels horrible for not showing enough appreciation towards Lies and really wants to apologize, but often in wartime, it was too late.

Anne feels so isolated that she cannot even be a normal free living teenage girl. Anne can’t go outside of the annex so she misses out on all the pop culture of her time. Anne reads lots of magazines so she would know the latest trebds. One of the Christian girls who help the annex residents stay alive go to the movies every now and then to collect the reviews and information from the movies and bring them back for Anne to observe so she could catch up on the latest films. Anne says, “I have collected so much information from popular movies & films that I know most of the actors and the producers of every film!”. It is important to stay up to date with the outside life and cultures; to know what others are talking about. Anne just wants to be a part of the society and culture and keep up with the latest trends like all the other teen girls. Anne just wants to be normal.

In conclusion, Anne is isolated from the outside world and people. She hates the party she has to stay with since they’re in such a small area, she wants to see her friends, and she just wants to be a normal teen girl for once. Being social is the main part of a human’s life and Anne can’t even live normally because of World War II. Anne deserves to have a social life and so does everyone else.

Life of Anne Frank Essay essay

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