How Important and Relevant is Civil Disobedience Today?

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Civil disobedience has been relevant throughout time and is still relevant today since it gives people a way to express how they feel about injustices from the government. Civil disobedience is important because it gives people a place to use their right to freedom of speech and speak about pressing topics that are relevant today. Today, civil disobedience helps in fighting for civil rights without discrimination and fighting for women’s rights. It should not be for selfish reasons such as going against a stay at home order.

Civil disobedience is still relevant today since it has helped gain civil rights without discrimination, starting with Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat to a white man. According to History.com, \”Parks’ courage incited the Montgomery Improvement Association to stage a boycott of the Montgomery bus system.\” Her courage to speak out and do something about her mistreatment led the start of using civil disobedience for good. Rosa Parks\’ refusal to move was a big ordeal that started the jump to speaking up against discrimination. Another example of civil disobedience was the March on Washington, where the famous \”I have a dream..\” Martin Luther King\’s speech occurred. The March on Washington had \”More than 200,000 people, black and white, congregated in Washington, D. C. for the peaceful march with the main purpose of forcing civil rights legislation and establishing job equality for everyone.\” according to History.com. With the speech being successful, the people were able to get the right to equal rights without discrimination based on race or color. It was an important step in gaining civil rights and a fight against discrimination. Today, Civil disobedience is still helping to fight for civil rights without discrimination since it still seems to be a problem.

Civil disobedience had also helped in gaining more rights for women and minorities with the Women\’s March in 2017. The event was \”a stand on social justice and human rights issues ranging from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, immigration, and healthcare.\” according to Wikipedia. Civil disobedience showed how thousands of people who attended the March are in support of their message. The importance of this movement helped send a message to administrators in hopes of making a change in society. It is also practiced peacefully since, according to Wikipedia, \”The crowds were peaceful: no arrests were made in D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, or Seattle, where a combined total of about two million people marched.\” Civil disobedience, when practiced peacefully, leads to a better understanding of how to produce a better outcome. The importance of being peaceful is that it leads to safer rallies for people of all ages to practice civil disobedience. Helping society move toward becoming better is why civil disobedience is relevant today.

Some may argue that Civil Disobedience is a way to protest against anything, such as going against a stay at home order because of a difference in opinion. According to ABC News, \”Protesters defied stay-at-home orders on Monday and took to the streets in the capitals of Maine and Pennsylvania, toting American flags and \”Don\’t Tread on Me\” banners, and slamming the safety precautions against the coronavirus as an act of \”tyranny.\” This shouldn\’t be a reason for civil disobedience since it is doing more damage than good. Deciding to put other people\’s lives in danger should not be a reason to go against what civil disobedience is all about. The article also mentions, \”The largest protest on Monday appeared to occur outside the capitol building in Harrisburg, Pa., where a large crowd gathered, many clearly not wearing protective face masks nor adhering to social distancing rules of being at least six feet apart.\” Not only does this endanger the lives of potential at-risk people, but it is also completely unnecessary. The purpose of these rallies is not fighting for something that benefits the majority of people, but for something completely selfish. Civil disobedience should not be for selfish reasons like not wanting to wear a mask or stay at home.

Civil Disobedience is relevant to the fact that it brings attention to pressing matters in today\’s society. It helps educate people and allows for people to fight for a change in injustices caused by the government. Civil disobedience It is important to use civil disobedience to bring justice as long as it is for the right reasons that help society grow.


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