“History of The Hour” and a Barrel of Amontillado

Updated July 5, 2022

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“History of The Hour” and a Barrel of Amontillado essay

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In this essay I will be reflecting and analyzing a few short stories that I have read in the English 112 class. This essay will include; A&P, The Story of an Hour, and a Cask of Amontillado. In reading these stories and analyzing them in class I have captured themes and deeper level of thinking that I wouldn’t have before. Traditions and cultures are almost never questioned and are taken seriously by every new generation. Although some traditions disappear over time naturally, we should not be afraid to question such traditions. Sammy, a character who works in the A&P works along with a store manager and a 22 year old man who has two kids. Three girls walk into the store wearing bathing suits. Sammy senses these girls as a symbol of wealth and modernity. Sammy then realizes he doesn’t want to work in the store, get married, nor become a manager. He sees himself as one of the girls, meaning change. Sammy sees and now aspires to be something more than a small town boy, Sammy then quits.

In the story of an hour a woman was told her husband died due to an accident. While shes grieves she looks out the window. While looking out the window she sees free birds, the clouds, the sky. While deep in sorrow she realizes this is not a bad thing after all. She is now free. During this time period divorce was not a thing and widows were the only women who were acceptable to be alone. Once Mrs. Mallard realizes she is now free the author refers her by her name. As she is now her entity away from her husband. Mrs. Mallard has a bad heart condition and suddenly the door opens and it is her husband. Either she dies of a heart attack or joy no one knows. It makes more sense she died of a heart attack due to being stripped away from her freedom that she had for a second. She was free once her husband died and able to do things that she wanted.

The main character In the cask of Amontillado is Montresor. Montesor feels as he has been insulted by Fortunato and wants to get revenge. Fortunato calls himself a fine wine taster, an expert on wine. For wine is Fortunato’s huge weakness. Montresor promises him a cask of amontillado. All Fortunato has to do is follow Montesor to his vaults. Montesor tries to sway Fortunato even more by saying that he can get another person, Luchresi, to taste the wine since Fortunato seems sick. Fortunato is tricked, Montesor chains Fortunato up with no escape. A good theme to this story is that you cannot trust anyone so easily, if you become successful there will be even more people who want to do you wrong. A good example of this story is when you get an email stating you won a 10 day trip, you click on the email and suddenly you have a virus.

“History of The Hour” and a Barrel of Amontillado essay

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