Freedom, Fear and Salem Witch Trials

Updated October 13, 2020

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Freedom, Fear and Salem Witch Trials essay

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“I plead the fifth.” This is a common statement used when a person does not want to respond involving the Bill of Rights. Americans before the time of 1787, did not have the bill of rights; especially for those during the Salem Witch Trials. The victims during the Salem Witch Trials would have benefited from the Bill of Rights. Those who were wrongly accused during the 1693? Salem Witch Trials would have greatly benefited from the following Bill of Rights, limitations on bail and punishment, freedom of speech, and the right to an attorney.

Those accused and jailed for witchcraft should have been given a chance to be out on bail while waiting for their trials and given reasonable sentences. In the book the Crucible, a historical fiction novel based on the events during the Salem Witch Trials, John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth Proctor is sent to jail. John Proctor and his wife were not allowed to visit their children. The couple was required to rely on their friend to provide for them. Tituba, a slave of Samuel Parris, was accused of being a witch and put on a biased trial; also, she was accused of witchcraft.

She was not allowed to be bailed out. Her sentence of becoming a witch was death. In the movie based off of the book, The Crucible, Tituba was allowed to be set free only if she were to admit to witchcraft; so she had a chance to be bailed out. Although she was allowed to be bailed out, she should have had another option to be bailed out. Also, she must bail herself out using her own words, not with the help of others. In addition, the Bill of Rights would have protected those with their sayings and beliefs.

The victims of the Salem of Witch Trials were in great need of an attorney, someone who understands the procedures of the court. In the podcast, the two friends, discuss how Abigail would interrupt the trials with more accusing; moreover, she began to accuse John Proctor of making deals with the devil after he tries to defend his wife in court. In a movie about the Salem Witch Trials, Abigail starts to claim her friend is a witch flying in the air.

The child was trying to force her friend to not reveal what had happened in the forest. In the movie based off of the book, Reverend Hale was someone who was asking the accused of witchcraft to admit to being a witch to save the accused from being hanged. Although he was someone who understood their system, the system only worked in favor of the court and those who claimed they were a witch. Most deaths were caused due to an unfair trial.

The freedom to do and say what one wants would have protected those accused of conjuring the devil. In the movie, John Proctor discusses with Reverend Hale about his house. John Proctor talks about how his house is just like a church, while Reverend Hale is upset by the fact that he claims that it is a house of God. Abigail was seen dancing naked in the forest; moreover, if Abigail had the freedom to do what she wanted, she would not have to worry about who found her in the forest.

Abigail was allowed to accuse tons of innocent people about them being witches, however, much of those claims were false. At the end of the book, she admits that the innocent hanged were not witches and she just wanted to be alone with John Proctor. Having the ability to be free from your fellow peers’ thoughts affects the way you act and how you are treated.

Fear is what drives people mad. Fear is the cause of the Salem Witch Trials. Being the one person who does not believe in what others say is one option, but when you do not believe them and are put to death for it creates a different scene. If there is no Bill of Rights, Americans can be used to the will of the government with unfair treatment.

Freedom, Fear and Salem Witch Trials essay

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