Free Speech in America

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Today in America, you see people burning flags, protesting, and using hate speech to make fun of people. In the society we live in, there should be limits to what we say and when we can say it. The consequences of what we say can greatly affect the other person in many different ways. To avoid this, there should be some restrictions enforced so we do not say controversial things in the wrong setting. If we have more restrictions on what we say, than we cannot express ourselves to people. Also, if the government does something bad, then we can’t protest their actions. Also, we would have to change the First Amendment so it can have these restrictions in place.

As people talk each day, we usually end up saying or screaming something at an inappropriate time. For example, when there’s a crowd of people, there is always the joker who would scream fire. This would scare the crowd and if especially you were going to do business in the building that you screamed fire in front of. That person would ruin the business relationship. “The damage could be so profound, it will forever sever the relationship.” (Mayberry) People don’t realize that what you say can affect the people you love and do business with. As the next generation comes, we will have to teach them what is right to say and wrong to say. If we have restriction of what we say and how we protest, than we can change and expand our interpersonal relationships with other people. It also makes you look like the guy nobody wants to hang out with. Than you will feel so left out, than what will you do. People have to learn self control and put on a “filter” so we don’t say what we don’t mean.

People protest in all sorts of ways. Some ways people protest is peaceful demonstrations, and violent protest. One version of a violent protest is when the American Flag is burned. This form of protest should be illegal. This sort of protest should be changed.if you do not like the flag write it on a sign. The only reason you would burn a flag is if it has dropped to the ground or it is ripped or the government is turning on the people. When people burn the flag, it shows disrespect to the soldiers and all the people who died to protect the country. “President-elect Trump’s tweet that burning the American flag should be a punishable crime has been simplistic.” (Hugo Gurdon) As said in this quote, people should go to jail or pay a fine if they burn the flag.

When we stand to say the pledge or sing the national anthem, we look at the flag and swear our loyalty to our country. This form of protest should be illegal in the Constitution and people who were caught should be in jail. If we ban flag burning, it goes against the First Amendment. Also, people will burn more and more flags to protest the flag burning ban. Another problem with protesting in general is that it will cause stampedes and riots.in most protests they start peaceful than turn violent. If you look back on when Martin Luther King organized protests, they were mostly peaceful. Some of the protest got out of hand, but most were non violent. As far as desecration of the flag goes, it should be a harsh punishment. The flags ha been through lots of wars and times and it represents how we came to be the greatest country in the world.

On social media, the news, and everywhere in America, people slander each other all the time. If we put restrictions on free speech, it will stop slandering. When you talk, you don’t know how it will affect somebody mentally. Also, if you slander someone’s name for no reason, than it will make them look bad. If someone makes fun of your name, than you have to show them that they are wrong. An example of slander is comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler. ¨MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow told Rolling Stone in July that studying Hitler helped her understand Trump: ‘Over the past year, I’ve been reading a lot about what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor,’ she said.

‘I am gravitating toward moments in history for subliminal reference in terms of cultures that have unexpectedly veered into dark places, because I think that’s possibly where we are.’¨ (Eddie Scarry) also if this person knew history, she would know that we do not stand for what the NAZI Party stands for. People have to realize that the president is looking after the small businesses and the people of America. This is a low point for the first amendment because people don’t realize that this amendment doesn’t give us the right to say what we want. There are and should be more limits on what we say. To go this low to make this comparison, is one of the worst things people could ever say. Just because President Trump wants America’s safety and the American people first doesn’t mean he is Hitler. This is a perfect example of slandering someone.

People have to start thinking about what they say. If we don’t think before we speak, then we will live in a place where there is always arguments and fights. Another thing about slander that people don’t talk about is mental health.people take things in all sorts of ways. Like if you say a joke and a person over hears the joke they can take offence without you even know what you said offended them. People how suffer with depression cant handle slander. People can go over the edge and hurt themselves or even worse they could kill themselves. This is why you should not slander. You don’t know who is and isn’t listening in to what you are saying because they can tell you boss, or the police what you said.

As we see in society, people don’t often care or think about other people. Even if we have laws and limits about what we say, people will still slander and smirch people for no reason. At times, some people will have a reason to talk negatively about others, but in most cases, people just do it to aggravate people. “It’s the nature of slander to be repeated.”(Lickerman) In this case, people will still slander because it is a part of human nature to say stuff we don’t mean and hurt people. As humans, slandering a part of society has become what we do because we are trying to tell people we don’t like them or we are trying to hurt them. So the government could never limit that because if you try to, people will just keep going and saying what they want to.

In 2018 and 2019, people are always making fun, antagonizing, and getting under people’s skin. You can’t get away from it. Even if you try, it will keep coming back. It will come through the news, talk shows etc. There is no limit to what people can and can’t say. It would be hard to make restrictions and it would be hard to limit yourself to not slander people. Also people who talk all the time won’t be able to control themselves. It’s a long shot but people can get training and help to working on controlling what they say and when they say it. Lastly some people don’t pick up on social cues. In this instance they will spout or talk even though the moment is over.

In public schools, people walk around wearing what they want. People also spread diversity within the school because people show off many different cultures and types of musick and all sorts of social norms. You see t-shirts saying carhartt, AC/DC or any concert t-shirt or something with a famous person. By having a minimal dress code, it show diversity within the students. The downside of having a minimal dress code is that people can make fun of you for what you wear. Also, it takes away from the learning environment because people will be distracted by what you wear. “Educators report a decrease in violence, a reduction of fights in schools and improved student achievement when dress codes have been implemented.”(Wilder) In this situation, people will be wearing the same thing so that way people can’t be distracted by what you are wearing and people can focus on what they are learning.

Also their will be less fights in school leading to a safer learning environment. In one way it is a bad thing because people can’t show off who they are. What you wear says a lot about you. For example, if you wear steel toe boots with carpenter jeans, a carhartt sweatshirt, and a mack truck t-shirt and a skidoo hat or a trucker hat, that means you want to be a trucker, a trade worker, carpenter, or a snowmobile mechanic. In schools though, people want dress codes because it is a formal place and the administration wants you to look presentable to the public so when people visit the school, the people will look well mannered to the person or people visiting the school. Dress codes are important to the school and the learning environment. To contribute to the idea to the school would show that you respect the school for letting you come in so you can learn.

Having a dress code always leads to resistance. Students will not want to comply with the rules and and up getting in trouble for not following the dress code. Dress codes make students complaining more. The end result is it will take away from the learning environment of the school. Dress codes also impede on first amendment rights because you express who you are. People also have to be comfortable for what they where. “Critics of these policies argue that children should be allowed to be in clothes they are comfortable with.” this will affect the learning abilities because he or she won’t be complaining about being uncomfortable with what they wear. Also it gives them a sense of who they are. Dress codes should be only in forced if people were inappropriate shirts. If its a concert t shirt or carhartt or anything like that, than it should be fine. Dress codes is a whole other topic in its own, but it has a lot to do with the first amendment to because people want to where what they want. If people can’t wear what the want, than their will me unnecessary commotion.

In America, we have the freedom of speech. The right to say what you want without consequences. People say what they want when they want without thinking about the consequence of what was said. Some people can’t help it and other people just do it for attention. A problem with this is people will get startled and scared. This also leads in to slandering. When people get slandered, the can get offended or affected by what you say. In a school setting with dress codes, it cuts a majority of slander because people can’t make fun of you for what you wear. Especially in protests, people have to know when you take things too far because then in a rare case, these protesters can turn into hate groups and all sorts of those kinds of similar things. This kind of speech should be limited so people don’t get hurt, and it will make society come closer together to work on finding solutions to grow as a community.

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What are the 3 restrictions to freedom of speech?
The three restrictions to freedom of speech are libel, slander, and defamation.
What are the limits to free speech in America?
The limits to free speech in America are that you cannot libel or slander someone, and you cannot make true threats.
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