The Christ-Like Character of Simon From Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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About 2.2 billion people follow the one religious figure that so many recognize by the name or picture: Jesus Christ. Christ was known for his compassion, miraculous acts, and his sacrifices. William Golding allegorically depicts such a character in his book Lord of the Flies known as Simont This book takes place in a world engrossed in World War 111, where many young boys, in efforts to evacuate from a nuclear bomb, are left stranded on an island with no adult. Simon is a choir boy under the leadership of the ruthless Jack, and then switches to be under Ralph. Being a patient of epilepsy, Simon often sees what others do not, and ends up being killed by the violent and bloodthirsty boys, who mistake him as a beast in their excitement and lust.

Because Simon is Christ-like, he has compassion for others, a second sight, and is murdered by the killing circle, showing that human kindness often becomes the sacrifice to balance evilt One important characteristic that made Christ who he is known for, which Simon also possesses, is compassion. An example is explained by Ralph, when he says “All day I‘ve been working with Simon, No one else” (Golding 50). This quote is from the time of building shelters. The first shelter is built by all, the second by four people, and the last by Simon and Ralph. Although Simon himself is one of the hunters, who are not required to help at the beach, he still devotes his time for the shelters.

He realizes that the children boys are scared and need a safe and sound shelter, and therefore helps Ralph in creating the shelters, even though he isn’t required to. This shows that he is doing it from his good heart to help another, showing compassion, Another example is seen with the littluns, when “Simon found for them the fruit they could not reach” . Simon helped in feeding the short littluns who couldn’t reach the tall trees and the fruits This goes back to Christ, who fed other breads and loaves, showing how Golding is using the characteristics of Christ in order to show compassion in Simoni Even though Simon isn’t required to, he still stops from his task in order to feed the young children. Simon is the only one on the island suffering from epilepsyt Though this may seem negative, it actually provides Simon with a second sight. This is seen when all think the beast exists after seeing the pilot in the parachute.

“However, Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick”. Because of his second sight, he is capable of seeing exactly what the others are not being able to see He sees that there is no beast, and it is only an actual human Golding establishes a point of dramatic irony because the audience and Simon know the truth that others are not aware of, further showing that Simon is someone special. In addition, Simon can see through deception and realize that all the beast is is a “pig’s head on a stick“. The tribe is worshipping the beast, and all the children are fearing the beast, but Simon, who has the second Vision, sees through the deception and sees that all it is is a pig’s head that Jack put out for the beast on a stick This shows Simon as enlightened because Simon is the only one on the island who has seen that if there is a beast on the island, it is the evil inside the humans.

He has transcended the false perceptions and seen the truth, further depicting him as Christ-like. Furthermore, Simon is allegorically shown as Christ by the fact that he is murdered by the killing circle, becoming a sacrifice, He is killed because he found the pilot with the parachute, who all believed to be the beast, and concluded that “the beast was harmless and horrible; and the news must reach the others as soon as possible”. An example of alliteration is seen with harmless and horrible, putting focus and emphasis on these two words, which sums up the beast and the misunderstanding with that He decides to let all know about this, which shows a change in Simon, who has been shown by Golding as a shy boy, too shy to communicate his feelings.

Simon had a vision of the man, but was too shy to actually tell others about it. Finally, he accumulates enough strength and courage to open up to all. However, this leads to his death, in which the killing circle murders him. “The line of his cheek silvered and the turn of his shoulder became sculptured marble. The strange attendant creatures…round his head”. This quote shows Simon’s dead body resembling an angel. This is a juxtaposition, in which his purity is religiously referring to Jesus Christ. He lights up and has a halo around his head to signify his holiness, establishing a peaceful moment in which he is being lifted to heaven. This juxtaposition to Christ, who also was “murdered”, makes Simon look innocent, peaceful, and pure, showing how such a figure has fallen to the forces of evil.

In conclusion, Simon was a sacrifice to balance the evil on the island. Simon was the purest representation of human kindness, and his sacrifice was necessary to clearly show what those children have transformed into, Countless example throughout history have been seen that further illustrate this theme One of such example is the Holocaust, that claimed more than 6 million Jewish lives, Although this was a horrendous and an evil act, the sacrifice of human kindness led to the reduction of social Darwinism in the society. One can say that evil is a very powerful force, that can lead to much destruction, of others and oneself. To counter this force, another powerful force is necessary, and one of such a force is human kindness. lt’s sacrifice does sometimes restore the balance, as it did after Simon’s death.


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