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Buddhism and Chinese Culture

Buddhism includes a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on original teachings attributed to the Buddha and resulting philosophies. Original Buddhism in ancient India as a Sramana tradition begins the 6th centuries BCE, spreading through much of Asia. China is one of the most influential countries by Buddhism. In the development of…




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History of Buddhism and The Four Noble Truths Argumentative Essay

Introduction According to Beyer which states Buddhism started as a parsimonious advancement inside the common Brahman custom of the day, Buddhism promptly made in a course. The Buddha rejected basic pieces of the Hindu perspective, yet additionally tried the master of the service, blocked the authenticity from verifying the Vedic sacrosanct messages, and rejected the…



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Pure Land Buddhism in Japan

Of the many types of Buddhism in Japan, Pure Land Buddhism stands to be one of the most popular sects in both the present and throughout history. This particular sect of Buddhism revolves around the worship of the Buddha Amida and his vow to save all those who have believe in his power by chanting…



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Buddhism as a Philosophy and Religion

The fundamental doctrines of early Buddhism, which continue to be frequent to all Buddhism, include the 4 noble truths: existence is struggling (dukhka); suffering has a cause, namely craving and attachment (trishna); there is a cessation of suffering, which is nirvana; and there is a path to the cessation of suffering, the eightfold path of…




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Theravada Buddhism as a Branch of Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism, the most ancient branch of Buddhism, originated in North India around the 5th century BCE. It began after the death of a prince named Siddhartha Gautama. Prince Siddhartha turned his back from his life that contained riches and protection in order to seek awakening. At the age of 29, he left home and…



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Christianity and Buddhism: Similarities and Differences Compare And Contrast

A person’s, spiritual connection to a higher influence is what helps mold his or her moral character. There are sacred writings that have molded a person’s culture and values. Each religion has its own moral map on how a person should live his or her life and treat his or her fellow brother or sister….




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Man’s Search For The Meaning of Life is Useless

What exactly would our society today be considered as? Would it be insane and absurd or would we have a Buddhist ideology? Would we be a successful and thriving society or one in which many things are failing as we are bound to? Do these questions have any real answers or is it all just…


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Man'S Search For Meaning,



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Bangladesh Philosophy: Roots and Traits

Bengali Sentiment and religion dominate Bengali philosophical thought. Indian thought had very close relations to religious traditions in the past as well as in the middle Ages. Bengalis were primarily secular in their psyche that balanced and told their lives and their thoughts. Bengalis have philosophical ideas to make this world a happy, prosperous place…




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Philosophical Teachings of Confucianism and Buddhism

Since the creation of mankind, people have searched for spiritual enlightenment and pathways to explain life, whether it is the desire to better one’s future, the idea that one must atone for the past or something in between, or the search to challenge a religion to determine if they are fit for them. There is…




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Buddha’s teachings

Mission of the Buddha was for the good of many and or the welfare of many (bahujanahitāya bahujansukhāya). It was a mission to spread awareness in human society against evil things and evil deeds. He started this mission for delivering man from all kinds of sufferings. While its primary interest has been moral and spiritual,…



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Buddhism is thought to be one of the oldest existing religions globally, which has its followers all over the globe. The history of Buddhism goes back to the teaching of Mahatma Budha, who was a spiritual monk and spent his whole life finding comfort.

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