Eminem Hip-Hop Career

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Eminem is admired as the Rap God. From his album debut in 1996 to his most up-to-date single “Walk on Water”, what makes Eminem super is that he keeps writing down what he sees and feels. Recovery, his album in 2010 winning him Grammy awards, is also a highly autobiographical album which records his thoughts and feelings during his struggle with depressions in his life.

To understand this album, it should be first noted about Curtain Call: The Hits which was published in 2005. This was when Eminem reshaped himself after the accidental death of his dearest friend Proof and his drug addiction. It was not until 2009 when Eminem returned with Relapse, an album he cooperated with Dr. Dre and published in 2009. He recorded all his mood and experience during those past years in this album. The artwork of the cover, featuring a close-up face of Eminem being mosaic of lots of little pills and capsules, was a perfect explanation for Relapse. A lot of self-inflections were included in this album.

But it is Recovery, published in 2010 and winning many Grammy awards, that really brought Eminem back to the center of world stage again. Once he was like a renegade, claiming his despise to the mainstream social value. But the track Not Afraid is gaining power. With clear beats, he talks about the road he is persisting, his dark and depressing past and his irresistible determination to recover.

The sound of a gun coming after the lyric “All I’m tryna say is get back” seems to shot dead the past Eminem and welcomes the new Eminem. In the beginning of the third part, there was no beats accompanying, only Eminem talking to his listeners. Gradually, with the idea of his daughter, the beats come back, rendering more power and strength. A matured glorious man who can shoulder any responsibility and face any challenges is presented. This is the magic of his music. Let you feel, let you reflect and let you get power.

The join of Rihanna in Love The Way You Lie brings more difference to this album too. Grief and regret are expressed through Rihanna’s voice, in a sharp contrast with the voice of Eminem. Except for Rihanna, several other singers area also invited to join in. This should be a big leap forward in his music career.

This is Eminem, a hip-pop singer and creative composer keeping telling stories and attitudes. Just as what he sings in his new single Walk on Water, I’m doing my best to not ruin your expectations.


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Did Eminem ever have a job?
Eminem has had many jobs throughout his life. He has worked as a rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor.
How did Eminem start his rap career?
Eminem started his rap career in the mid-1990s with the release of his first album, "Infinite." He followed this up with the release of his second album, "The Slim Shady LP," in early 1999.
Is Eminem a hip-hop artist?
Eminem is considered one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. He is known for his controversial lyrics and his ability to tell a story through his music.
What has Eminem done for hip-hop?
1/6Five ways Eminem changed hip hop He turned hip hop into a commercial world-conqueror. Getty Images for MTV. His flow was like nothing before it. Getty Images. His music videos revolutionised the art form. Getty Images. He embraced weirdness and made it successful. Getty Images. He opened the door for white rappers.
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