Effect of World War II on Development

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The rapid evolution of technology and medicine. “When there is darkness there is light”(Francis of Assisi). This quote specially reflect on the reality of the war which is the destruction of not only biotic things but also buildings and architecture. Even though that is the reality, the war doesn’t only sabotage but it also grant us with philosophy to create and flourish machinery for our day society. Not only it was a extensive prosperity but now we are depending on it as a common need.

According to Aging In Place, “technology had revolutionized the world we are living today with useful information at our fingertip and not to count, it had made our life function easier, better and definitely more fun with phenomenal things you could do with it. It also made a massive influence in communicating with more than half of the world and it also create opportunities for people to become wealthy”.

As you can see, machinery had become a crucial accessory in our society and our daily lives but if there wasn’t a war such as WW2 than we wouldn’t had ever got to this very point. Cyber tech had grant us way more than what WW2 had taken from us but no matter what the disagreements is, WW2 still keep an important factor in making technology a reality for us to use. Another thing that is no less important as technology is medicine. Just like technology, it played an massive role in our society and without it, the out come can be way more tragic than WW2.

Fortuitously, WW2 had shown us deadly disease, chemical reaction and sickness through time like the atomic age and it have help us construct antibiotic to treat or even cure syndrome that is found in WW2. According to history learning site, “If any good can be said to come of war, then the Second War War must go on record as assisting and accelerating one of the greatest blessings that the 20th Century has conferred on Man – the huge advances in medical knowledge and surgical techniques.

War, by producing so many and such appalling casualties, and by creating such widespread conditions in which disease can flourish, confronted the medical profession with an enormous challenge – and the doctors of the world rose to the challenge of the last war magnificently.(Brian J Ford)” From what Brian J Ford said, we could state that ww2 was a crucial war for our world to continue evolving and it will surely keep us alive for another century or so with what we had disclose from the warfare. Just like Brian J Ford, a group of citizen had cooperate together to gives every human a right to live a freely and ecstatic life.

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