Early Life, Rise, and Rules of Adolf Hitler

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Over six years, Hitler murdered millions of people. He started World War ll, which resulted in over 50 million deaths. He thought the Jews were not real people, so he set out to murder all of them. He executed around 6 million Jews. Throughout this paper, we will examine the early life, rise, and rule of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889, in a very small Australian town (History.com Editors, 2018). Adolf’s father was Alois Hitler and his mother was Klara Hitler ( Knapp, Lukacs, A. Bullock, B. Bullock, 2018). His father retired from his work he spent most of his life in Linz which is the capital of upper Austria. Hitler liked where they lived and he once said he would love to be buried there ( Knapp, Lukacs, A. Bullock, B. Bullock, 2018). He had a very rough childhood, because his father died in 1903 (History.com Editors, 2018). He didn’t really care about his dad.

Alois was very mean and cruel to Hitler (Biography.com, 2018.) His father did not support his interest in art, which probably made Hitler hate him even more (Biography.com, 2018). He then realized he wanted to be an artist, but was rejected (History.com Editors, 2018). This cleary had an impact on Hitler because he was very quiet and he just seemed out of it as a child ( Knapp, Lukacs, A. Bullock, B. Bullock, 2018). He lived a very lonely and isolated life and spent very little time with people ( Knapp, Lukacs, A. Bullock, B. Bullock, 2018).

He came back home in 1908 where his mother was dying. She said she could not sleep at night because she had very bad pain in her chest. She went to the doctor and she had a very advanced stage of breast cancer (History.com Editors, 2018). Hitler stayed by her side every single day. Even the doctor said that hitler was the most devoted boy he had every seen to loving his mother. Later that year in 1908 his mother died. (History.com Editors, 2018). He was extremely lonely and would just read all day long. While he was reading, he developed an interest for politics which later shaped the Nazi party (History.com Editors, 2018). He did not end up going to school or even college because he hated it. He dropped out around 18 (Biography.com, 2018).

In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich. He was screened for military service in 1914 but they said in his physical condition he was not able ( Knapp, Lukacs, A. Bullock, B. Bullock, 2018). After World War I broke out they had no no choice but to let everyone join the army to fight. That is when Hitler got his chance. After 8 weeks of training he was deployed in the Belgium October 1914. He served throughout the entire war he was gassed wounded on multiple occasions ( Knapp, Lukacs, A. Bullock, B. Bullock, 2018). Because of his bravery in World War I he was awarded with a Iron Cross second class in 1914. And then later in 1918 he was awarded with Iron Cross first class (History.com Editors, 2018).

He wanted to be the ruler of Germany. He was waiting for the perfect time to take over. He had had created the Nazi Party. He came up with this idea through literally just reading and reading. All he wanted was power and with the books he had read I think he knew how to find. And so eventually he did. He designed their logo and basically created the whole thing (History.com Editors, 2018). Once they went in the streets and were telling people that they were the beginning of a revolution. He sent soldiers to march down the streets. They were Nazis. Hitler was arrested and spent about 9 months in prison. Even though his political statement was all a very big failure, people actually saw him as a leader (History.com Editors, 2018).

He was sentenced to five years in prison, but after nine short months he was released from prison, The only reason he was released about four years early was because all of the supporter of the Nazi party were pressuring them let him go and they would basically destroy them. With basically no choice they finally let Hitler go unharmed and ready to seize his moment and take power. While he was serving his prison sentence he had nothing to and since he liked to read so he decided he was going to write a book. He titled it “Mein Kampf” which means “my struggle.” It detailed his plans when he became leader for germany.

Hitler set out to kill all the Jews. He thought they were below animals. Once he got power, he devoted his whole life to the destroying the Jews (History.com Editors, 2018). Even the Jews he did not take to concentration camps he still set laws that forbid them to do many things. They main law he gave against them was to forbid the making of a business.

If they found any Jew that was starting or even had a business it would be shut down and sometimes it would be much worse. Hitler once said, “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.” He did not care about people’s lives all he was out to do was murder Jews. He wanted power and he was going to do anything for it (Biography.com, 2018). Once again this proves how dishonest and how selfish hitler was, “It is not truth that matters, but victory.”


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What are the factors that led to the Hitler's rise to power?
Hitler's rise to power was facilitated by a combination of factors such as the economic instability, political turmoil, and social unrest in post-World War I Germany, his charismatic personality and public speaking skills, and his ability to exploit the fears and prejudices of the German people. Additionally, the failure of the Weimar Republic and the appeasement policies of other European powers also contributed to Hitler's ascent to power.
What is Hitler's most famous for?
Adolf Hitler is most famous for his role as the leader of Nazi Germany during World War II, as well as his role in the Holocaust.
What was Adolf Hitler's early life like?
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. In his early life, he was a poor student and was rejected from art school. He eventually moved to Germany and became involved in politics.
What were the influences in Hitler's early life?
Influences upon Hitler in Vienna Hitler was genuinely influenced in Vienna by two political movements. The first was the German racist nationalism propagated by the Upper Austrian Pan-German politician Georg von Schonerer . The second key influence was that of Karl Lueger, Mayor of Vienna from 1897 to his death in 1910.
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