Difficult Life of Farmers

  • Updated October 25, 2021
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It was the month of July my grandma and it was summer vacation and I was getting bored in vacation and, I wanted to do or visit something new. I told my mom I want to do something interesting like moving somewhere else for a month or do something. She said her mom lives in a village called Bathinda in the city of Punjab in India. She is a farmer she has her own land she grows crops and plant and I thought it’s a better idea to go there and see and learn something about the life of villagers and farmer.

I went there, life was very different as different as chalk from cheese I tried to work there as a farmer just by helping them in small things. I did not how farming works. But after 1 month I realized that life in there is so hard. people including are always busy doing stuff. When I went there I saw them doing work I didn’t really knew the hard life they are living. Every day, they were waking up early morning to take care of cows and farm. And they were doing so many things that was hard and I never saw in my city anybody doing it. But after sometime I realized that they had a hard life they were facing the problem like mandate regulation and rules and they could not make so much money for a living. They were not just facing so many problem in agriculture they had other people like when they were getting suck they didn’t have enough money to see a doctor.

One day I tried to talk to a farmer to know how he can describe his life and he said: “My life a farmer life is not a normal we don’t have the same work as a normal person we do so many things but nobody appreciates us our life is like a tree no matter how much oxygen food we make nobody appreciates us they don’t see our hard work”. Their problem was not just in agriculture it was also on they thought they are treated equal government does not care so much about them he said: “This job is cancer of my dream and aspiration even though we face problems and don’t get treated equal but i still wanna do it because that’s what i have been doing my whole life even though my life is busy as a bee but i still love it.” When he said I felt like he is very strong as sturdy as an oak, overall I ask him what he does to fix that or to manage these problems he said we living the life of sadness and our life keeps going with same time as problem so we our problem does not go away but our life keeps going.

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