Customer Service and Internal and External Customers

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First of all we need to be clear on the meaning of customer service; so that Carrefour hypermarket to be best service provider once its comes to the service.

Customer services is to provide help by assisting, advise them on buying and using products or services where by a customer become happy in a professional way.

For example we can establish our own slogan to make sure all employees of Carrefour gives unique standard of services to our customers.

There are circumstance where by staff have to give service to a customer.

Situation might happen; like customer have an idea on what she/he wants but doesn’t know which product is the best. So as a customer service provider you have to explain on those products and advise them according to their needs.

A customer is an individual or company that purchases goods or services; we can have customer from Internal or external.

Internal Customers

Internal Customers – is someone who working inside organisation.

Internal customers can be:

Other Staff from the team

  • Needs

All internal customers need to have Team work, working together to achieve organisation goals, working as one tool simplify work to the maximum of meeting the target intended. Teamwork means that people must cooperate, using their skills and providing feedback to each other despite of their individual conflict.

  • Expectations

Internal customer will expect growth of the organisation and to get fair salary, the more organisations grow the more responsibility and profit increase so working hard performance always pays back.


  • Job Security

Internal customers need to have assurance that he/she has to continue with the gainful employment for his/her work life.

  • Expectations

Working in safe environment that they won’t lose their job because there is family depends on them and other have loan from bank and also they will receive their salary on time.

External Customer

External Customer – is a person who is not direct connected to the organisation (Carrefour)

External Customers they maybe:

New or Existing Customer

Needs of a new customer; depend on price because everyone have unique budget. And their needs depend on performance of the product if its perform correct as the customer think

Expectations – customer expect value of product and price are reasonable also customer expect good quality of that product

Groups of people

Needs – Different people have different choice so their needs depend on their option, as a service provider you need to have variety of product to make sure your service and product reflect different groups of people

Expectations –customer expect to be treated equally, friendly and professional also they want to be pleased and they expect to get assistance and help on product they may use.

General main aim of providing customer service is to make sure customer is satisfied with the service from both internal and external customers; the product of this aim will describe organisation growth.

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