Child’s Emotional Development

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If words could hurt, we’d all bleed to death, if only we wore amour instead of our hearts on our sleeves, imagine a world where a single speech could vape a crowd, would we all turn to smoke, or just laugh and think it’s a joke? Emotional abuse is an attempt to control, the emotional abuser might not be aware of the fact that they are disseminating this type of abuse due to their insecurities. In a relationship the emotional abuser thinks their actions are morally correct despite the victim’s objection. Verbal or emotional abuse may affect a person’s behaviour, emotional development and mental health state.

Firstly, an individual’s behaviour may be affected, (Leguizamon, 2017), mentioned that dependent behaviour will be introduced when attention decreases. Dependence may lead to absent mindedness towards one’s mental health which is unhealthy; hobbies and daily tasks are often abandoned since the abusive partner is not there for decision making currently. Ben-Ari (2019), expresses that risky behaviour may develop, such as engaging in unprotected sex, alcohol consumption, stealing or drug abuse. An escape mechanism adapted by victims is unapproachability by making people dislike them, by displaying aggressive tendencies or behaviours without provocation. This in turn shows they are unable to indulge in regular conversations.

Secondly, a child’s emotional development may be affected which can result in a lack of confidence or having an uncontrollable temper which leads to social impairment, evident in behavioural patterns including lack of eye contact or incomprehensible gestures. It also causes a lack of motivation thus leading to underachievement along with difficulty in creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Characteristics of self-loathing and possessiveness are present in emotionally abused victims. Feeling, expressing and controlling emotions proves difficult. Their comprehension of virtue, selflessness or rapport is undefined. The abuse will only perpetuate to the victim that the feelings of others are not relevant. This may also cause an unclear divergence from structured boundaries.

Lastly, mental disorders may be an effect of this type of abuse. One form that can develop as a result, is eating disorder (Kaye, 2018). Excessive eating ensues problems in the cardiovascular system, but under eating results in the break down of energy from the body’s muscles, hence the risk of heart failure increases, since the heart itself is the primary muscle. Over eating also causes problems in the endocrine system while eating less, may lessen the production of needed hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen. Lowered sex hormones may stem in the increase of bone loss and a cease to menstruation. Language development is another form of mental health problem. Parents who belittle their children, make them feel unwanted by the persons in this world. Thus, instilling a fear of speaking or expressing themselves to others. Suicidal thoughts are a last form of mental health problems. A healthy relationship can be truant with continuous treatments of emotional abuse from anyone. Bearing this in mind, the victim can even begin to suffer from extreme levels of insanity and or lead to contemplation of suicide.

Entirely, emotional abuse, can cause the victim to suffer extreme levels of insanity and or lead to contemplation of suicide. Problems with one’s mental health, behaviour and emotional development is linked to emotional abuse. Emotional or verbal abuse may affect a child’s behaviour, emotional development and their mental health state.

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