American Social Structure in Between the World and Me

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In Between the World and me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Coates relates his life in the United States to his child by giving him a letter in which he passes on how life is, and the hardships confronted when living in a dark body. The overlying subject in the novel that depicts such a way of life is the immateriality of African Americans through the American social structure. American social structure makes blacks live in dread and makes them be incredulous of America.

Being free intends to be segregated from your own body. It makes people feel remained against; to feel futile; to feel as though they are not a piece of the world. By incorporating around the topic of freedom, Coates can demonstrate the demolition of the black bodies and show his immature child the substances of being dark in the United States. In this paper, I will give precedents on how the dark bodies were incorporeal through abuse and how it prompted their demolition.

American social structure has made dread to emerge in black bodies because of the shameful acts they face, and the social disgrace caused upon them. Coates knows that prejudice isn’t gone, and he needs to secure his child. Indeed, even as a grown-up, Coates needed to manage slight when a white man shouted at him, “‘I could have arrested you’” (94) for guarding his child to walk wherever he needs. White individuals know about the gap among races and exploit it. Blacks come up short on the odds in life that different ethnicities get and along these lines, their lives are encompassed by dread.

He “confesses that he is afraid. And has no God to hold him up” (113). Coates utilizes these examples to demonstrate the brokenness of the dark bodies to show his child the substances of life in a black body. He needs to set up his child for the absurd however urge him to push ahead without dread in spite of such hardships he will confront. Experiencing childhood in a universe of detest disembodies an individual, and this is actually how Coates and black bodies feel in America. They don’t want to be there and feel void separated from every other person given the abuse they face from power and different races.

Ta-Nehisi Coates centers around the topic of freedom in the American social structure to additionally represent how it has annihilated dark bodies and to unveil the substances of living in a black body in the United States to his immature child. Thusly, he is setting up his child for the shameful acts and persecutions that he will at last need to end up accommodated with and urge him to move along forward to carry on with an untroubled life that isn’t limited with dread.

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