Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana is great for so many things. Cannabis, also known as marijuana (weed) is a psychoactive plant intended for medical or recreational use. Although marijuana sometimes has a negative impact on society, no one ever thinks of the various positive ways. Marijuana should be legalized because it has many benefits such as developing biofuels, feeding livestock for stamina boosting, and most importantly helps people who are terminally ill temporarily relieve chronic pain.

In fact, marijuana could be used to create biofuels for cars, generators, and almost anything else requiring biofuels. People that research at the University of Connecticut found out that industrial weed has properties that make it good and even attractive as a good source for producing biofuel. Cannabis can grow in soil that is not fertile making it better than other plants that help make fuel.

Researcher (Banks, Grant) says that ‘If someone is already growing [weed] they might be able to produce enough fuel to power their whole farm with the oil from the seeds they produce’. This is a great benefit to society. Although many people believe that marijuana is a complete disadvantage to society, it is not a complete failure. With all the advantages weed has this shouldn’t be a discussion. It is understood that there may be little issues with it being legalized but we should all focus on the positive.

[Last Name] 2In essence, marijuana has its benefits of helping society in a strong way. Maybe consider the legalization of marijuana for the source of fuels. In fact, think of the other various ways weed could impact the world and make it even better. Marijuana is beneficial for feeding livestock because it keeps them awake and fully energized. With livestock that is full of energy they are able to do more and stay active. The more active the healthier.

Ever wondered why animals had so much energy? Well it is safe to say that it is probably because they have marijuana in their system. In addition, the marijuana could provoke them to have wilder behavior and boost their stamina for various reasons one being for competitions. Furthermore, this could help them stay active and healthier for reproduction and the production of food and milk from cows. Without this they wouldn’t be healthy enough to produce the food that humans need to survive. This is also a great benefit because it helps the livestock grow, which means no harsh steroids in the meat that we eat.

This means the more active the livestock is, the healthier and more capable of completing tasks. In addition, it helps them reproduce more and lastly it is a good source of food for them to intake. Even though some may believe that feeding cannabis to this animals may harm their system, marijuana is a natural drug and they are being fed the bud as a whole and they aren’t smoking it. This may bring down the worry of animal abuse by a few. Marijuana is a natural way of giving these livestock animals a free, healthy life.As a result, we would have to worry less about having to grow crops to feed these precious animals. Weed is a good source of food, energy, and activity booster.

This could possibly lead to the increase of money in the economy because we would no longer have to produce twice as much crops for animals, and a decrease in crops being fed to animals that could be fed to humans.Now its only right to say that marijuana has a major benefit that is well known today. Medical marijuana is a drug that doctors prescribe to their patients as a form of temporary relief. There has been many cases where people suffering from cancer as well as life threatening injuries have been given medical marijuana to somewhat help heal them. This drug is also a mind clearing drug.

One veteran by the name of Thomas Brennan struggled sleeping at night due to trauma and pain. After taking pills that the doctor gave him, he figured that they weren’t working and with “just a few tokes” (Brennan 4) he felt much better. Brennan says he woke up the next morning feeling “energized and well rested”. This goes to show that marijuana could help in so many different ways. Marijuana can be used also for patients with cancer to take their mind off the fact that they have limited time to live.

When they are in pain it could relieve them from it instead of having to take multiple pills and injections. Cancer could be extremely painful. Having to go through surgery and chemotherapy, the last thing you would want to feel is pain. When you are struggling for your life and fighting you want to just take a break and relax sometimes. Cannabis could potentially be the break. It isn’t always negative impacts when it comes to marijuana.Although medical marijuana is already legal, we should legalize the use of it as a whole. There is so many positive effects that could benefit society and make everyone happy. Recreational marijuana should be legalized and sold as a stress reliever. Isn’t that what people smoke it for anyway?

The world should be able to spark a blunt and relieve the stress that they are dealing with without having to worry about being caught. Not only does it help terminally ill patients but those who are pregnant as well. If it doesn’t harm a pregnant woman then what could possibly be so wrong about marijuana being legalized. There will always be many people that would have an opposing opinion that it would hurt them some how but it can’t. Marijuana is far from tobacco that is super harmful for the human body. Taking a few small puffs or even mixing it in food wouldn’t hurt a bit. In other words marijuana should be legalized because it is very harmless.

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