Back to the Roots Concert Review

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is run by the lead cellists Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic who are playing in the concert with the Zagreb Soloists. Their ensemble was a small strings orchestra that performed their favorite classical pieces. In the concert, there were several composers including Ennio Morricone, Astor Piazzolla, Antonio Vivaldi, G. F. Handel, Jules Massenet, Fritz Kreisler, Sergei Rachmaninov, Vittorio Monti, J. S. Bach, Hans Zimmer, Michael Jackson, and U2 with two soloists which were Stjepan and Luka. At the concert, there were five songs I enjoyed which were Kol Nidrei, Liebesleid, Csardas, Mombasa, and Smooth Criminal.

Kol Nidrei was composed by Max Bruch and had a solo by Luka. This piece was played with a great deal of emotion and made me feel very relaxed yet gave me a feeling of a story that is filled with a lot of slow yet impactful scenes. The performers played beautifully and I noticed that the soloist made many strange faces I’ve never seen before and he also put a lot of emotion into his music.

I really appreciate and like the amount of enthusiasm the orchestra and soloists put into the music. Liebesleid was composed by Fritz Kreisler and had a solo by Stjepan. This piece was very peaceful and felt like I was sent off to a ball. The range of the was quite close in my opinion and was played in complete harmony. When the piece started the soloist looked as if he was talking or mounting something to someone and he looked very cheerful. Csardas was composed by Vittorio Monti and Luka was playing a solo in the piece. This piece gives off a feeling of a villain being introduced to a story and also a chase scene in an old movie.

The orchestra plucks in some parts of the piece and it gives the piece a greater range with more depth to it. At the end of it, the instruments were played very fast then they came to a complete and sudden stop which amazed me because in most songs there is a lead up to the end and in this one there is just a sudden stop. The piece called Mombasa was composed by Hans Zimmer and featured Dusan Krajc on the Cajon.

This piece was by far one of my favorites because it was very upbeat and was something much more different than the rest of the other pieces. The piece had more energy and is something like a chase scene in a modern action film. This specific piece made me re-engaged into the concert because it felt like it didn’t have enough oomph to it and was starting to bore me a little bit.

However, both this piece and the Smooth Criminal composed by Michale Jackson gave the concert a revival to me after hearing them. The Smooth Criminal was a very surprising song to be played by the orchestra because it’s very complex and it is a very fast-paced song. The orchestra played the piece with unbelievable accuracy and was one of the best covers I’ve heard of the song.

Overall I liked the concert and the piece I liked the most was Mombasa because it was super upbeat and it was something I was not expecting in a small strings orchestra. The orchestra and soloists played flawlessly and it was a spectacular event to watch. In the future, I hope to attend an actual concert like this because it would be a new experience to obtain and to learn from.

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