Animal Bill of Rights

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A controversial question that people think about differently is if animals are treated properly or if they should have more rights. In today’s world animals are abused and treated badly and not the way they should be treated. Animals are abused, abandoned, and are used by scientists to experiment on and test on. The Animal Bill of Rights includes a set of rights for animals to protect them further than they have been. Having an Animal Bill of Rights does not mean they will have the same rights as a human but it will give them more rights. An Animal Bill of Rights should be implemented in order to protect animals from getting abused, experimented on, and it will help our society by generating more jobs.

If an Animal Bill of Rights was created it would decrease the number of animals abused in the United States. In the article, “Laws that Protect Animals” by Animal Legal Defense Fund, National Headquarters, they informed the audience of the Animal Welfare Act which was supposed to help animals but they are still are not treated the way they should be treated and being abused. The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) is the primary federal animal protection law. The AWA essentially includes animals kept at zoos, used in laboratories for experiments or tests, or animals who are bred and sold like those in puppy mills.

Creating an Animal Bill of Rights would be better known to the people thus causing them to not abuse animals and treat them properly. Also in the article, “A Change in Heart About Animals” by Jeremy Rifkin, he shows in the experiments specifically the one about pigs that was funded by many fast-food restaurants they found out that pigs have been suffering from mental health. The reason for the mental health getting affected is because they easily get depressed when they are trapped in a small area or if they are can play with each other. That shows that pigs have similar traits to humans because if they lack attention to love and support they get depressed and sad. This shows that animals are very similar mentally to humans and animal abuse has a big effect on animals mental health as a result we should create an Animal Bill of Rights to protect animals from bring abused.

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