Why is it important to delete cyberbullying? Cause And Effect Essay

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It is important to work to delete cyberbullying because it has led to many troubles in kid`s and in their lives. Cyberbullying has been around for many years and there has to be more effort put into schools, the administration, and parents when dealing with children and bullying, if they are reported. Bullying is caused by one child, who is either jealous, self-conscious, or have problems at home and they bring all of that anger out on a victim without them actually realizing the damage they are causing to the other child, or they are doing it on purpose. Online it is much easier for the bully to target their victim because they feel more powerful and protected when they are behind a screen and they can think of more things to say, rather than in person. But not just that, the bully can also bring all of that hate to school and start harassing the student by saying negative or racial comments and knowing their weakness to make them feel even more vulnerable. Some students even miss school because they are afraid of the attack or being intimidated by the bully. When the ones getting bullied cannot take it anymore, they either commit suicide or they want revenge. This results in school shootings and kids being unsafe. Another reason that cyberbullying should be deleted is because the internet is a place where anything and everything could be leaked and could ruin someone’s life, career, or reputation. For example, many young girls are brainwashed by society that they need to have the perfect model body to fit in and to feel beautiful, which causes them to have low self-esteem and start sending or posting pictures to make them feel noticed and better about themselves. But those pictures that they’ve sent to one that they “trust”, that person could blackmail them and post the pictures everywhere. The outcome of that is them getting bullied on the internet and in their schools, which make them feel worthless and bad about themselves. This is why we should take a stand and work harder to delete cyberbullying once and for all. It is damaging many children and it causes them to do hurtful things to themselves. Bullying in person or on a computer is never the answer

About 70% of students think that schools handle bullying poorly, which causes them to drop out of school altogether because of they couldn’t stand the repetition of them getting bullied and no one trying to help them even when they reach out.

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