Why is Good to Study the Cambodian Genocide?

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The Cambodian genocide was an terrifying event that occurred in Cambodia when a group took power during April 17, 1975 to January 7,1979.A person known as Pol Pot came to power during this reign and was to kill whoever opposed his opinions.The victims of this targeted genocide was the citizens of Cambodia.The groups associated with this mass killing were known as the Khmer Rouge.The Khmer Rouge had mass killed of about 1.7 million people during those four years of terror.Many were killed due to starvation,disease,overwork,and execution.There is no peacemaking for the victims of the genocide to this day.It is important to study the Cambodian genocide because it helps the community fix past mistakes, show the guilt of our society is, and prevent another genocide from occuring.

The first reason it is important to study the Cambodian genocide is show the guilt of our society during these times.”Under the Marxist leader Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge tried to take Cambodia back to the Middle Ages, forcing millions of people from the cities to work on communal (shared) farms in the countryside.”This shows that the group wanted to bring back the terrible times of Cambodia by forcing these innocent citizens of Cambodia to work nonstop.The leader Pol supports slavery and doesn’t care if his people suffer as long as he gets power from being the leader of his nation.”Any person that was thought to be a intellectual was often killed”, people were punished for wearing glasses or knowing a foreign language.”This shows the leader didn’t want any intelligent people to mess with his plan or to outsmart him so brutally killed murdered them.He killed the people who knew foreign languages in order to stop communication with others to get help from them.In conclusion, by the leader doing these horrible tasks it doesn’t allow the citizens of Cambodia to have any freedom since they are being held in forced labor and being an intelligent person would have gotten you murdered.

The second reason why it is important to study the Cambodian genocide is to fix the society’s past mistakes during this time.”Survivors told their stories to shocked audiences, and in the 1980s the Hollywood movie The Killing Fields brought the victims of the Kmher Rouge together for a discussion.”.This is to show the world how many citizens in Cambodia were affected by this genocide and want others around the globe to know about this and learn from their past mistakes during that time.With the citizens of Cambodia spreading this it allows this topic to have more awareness.”As time passed Cambodia started the process of opening to the international community, the full horrors of the tragic event had became apparent.” This convention allows people to be more aware of this tragic event and ask those people how they feel about this topic overall.Some may come to this convention to discuss their view on this event and could start a discussion with others.In conclusion these support because by the people doing these it could help spread information of that genocide and people can come up with solutions to fix the bad past.

The third reason why it is important to study the Cambodian genocide is to prevent another genocide from happening.”Almost four decades on from the collapse of Pol Pot’s tyrannical communist regime, an international tribunal has ruled that the Khmer Rouge committed genocide, a landmark verdict that is hoped will bring closure to millions of Cambodians.”This was a statue for the Cambodian citizens to remember the victims of the genocide and want lots of people to know about it since it will get more attraction and know what to do if it happens next time.”As millions of Cambodian citizens were forced to work in labor camps near the countryside,after Khmer Rouge took control of the nation.”

In order to prevent the genocides from happening people must work together to forbid a bad leader from taking over the nation as its very dangerous.With the new power that the leader has after taking over the nation brings new risks as he can do whatever he wants since he controls the area.This supports because people need to prevent a bad leader from forming in order to avoid bad issues in the future.In conclusion if the people were to overthrown a bad leader it would save a nation from getting demolished by power.if the nation had a good leader none of these bad issues would have happened in the first place.The bad leader would abuse his power and ruin the nation.

It is important to study the Cambodian genocide because it is toprvent another genocide from happening in the future.Khmer Rouge took over the nation and forced millions to work in Cambodia.In order to prevent another genocide they must forbid a bad leader from taking over the nation..It is good to fix the societys past mistakes by the family of the victims telling their story worldwide and getting their story heard and get more attraction.It helps get more awareness on it and more people will start to think about that event.It is also to show how guilty the society is during this time.Khmer rouge had killed about 1.7 million people during these gour years of terror.By the group doing this shows that they are a bad group and abused their power to kill whenever they want.


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