What Is the Cause of Water Pollution

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According to, world health organization searched. (1948). Sanitation universally refers to the procurement of amenities and services for the safe removal of human urine and feces.

Which the throughout purposes of sanitation is to come up with a healthy living environment for everybody, to keep safe the natural resources (such as surface water, groundwater,) and to cater safety, security and elegance for people when they discharge feces from the body or stool. Therefore, if we don’t have good sanitation or face to lack of sanitation or fewePlasticr toilets, then the people use to defecation (in the open atmosphere) that it can pollute the groundwater.

Also, outdoor defecation (as well used on the contrary route as free outdoor defecation) is the person perform of defecating in the open air (in the open environment) relatively than in a toilet. People can choose fields, shrubs, forests, ditches, roads, drainpipe or other unlock places for defecation. They do it because people do not have a bathroom easily accessible or tanks to customary cultural practices. The doing is regular while there is no infrastructure and sanitation available. Even if there are toilets available, more efforts may be considered necessary to promulgate the make use of-of restrooms.

The term “open free defecation” (ODF) is used to illustrate communities so as to have moved to the use of a toilet rather than open defecation. This may happen, for example, after community-based sanitation programs have been implemented. (World toilet day, 19 November 2001)

Pollution may not be omitted from the earth as long as even a person survives on the earth since the very entity of man is the cause of water pollution. However, such, contamination caused by an individual’s routine or daily activities is partial and apparently harmless. But it is the composed the impact huge populations that cause the important pollution.

As the day by day, the populations are increasing and their activities did and will the water pollutions. For example, they are building industries to produce various products, which generate wastes causing water pollution and it relates to economics level of people because the developed countries know how to produce which is not to be the cause of pollutant. On the other hand, the developing countries have overpopulation, expanding their domestic wastes and sewage, which these wastes directly make pollute the water. (Goel, P. K. (2006). There is also some industrial wastewater, many harmful chemicals are widely used in local industries and factories that, if improperly disposed of, can contaminate drinking water.

For example, such as Local factories which include nearby factories, industrial designs and even small businesses such as gas stations and laundry facilities. In all these places, there is a variety of chemicals that are carefully removed carefully. For this reason, the proper disposal and release of these chemicals or industrial waste. And also, spillage of underground tanks and pipelines, petroleum products, chemicals, and wastewater that are stored in underground chambers or pipes can reach groundwater and cause the water pollution.

Lastly, there are the large chunks of plastic that are depositing or dispose of along the coast, in rivers, once they turn up in the ocean, they float along on the oceanic as a spiral which centralizes this kind of rubbish in the different oceans. This waste material is the main killer of life in the ocean and may excess to 450 years to be despicable. (Cózar, A, et al., 2014, pp. 10239-10244). As we are already aware that plastic is just a single material which is very flexible and easy to rotations into many different forms all through production.

So, have ever gone in the beach? If yes, then you will see how the plastics are washing up with the waves in the sea. Also, you will throw the bottle that has in your hand and before some minute ago you drink water. There are some reasons for this, plastic is the most common substance or material that people suing their daily life and it also is as cheap materials for making clothes, cars, bottles, buckets, boats, and other things. While plastic is not harmful as the same others toxin chemicals.

However, they recognize a hazard for seawater and for living things in the sea. (Woodford, 2017). According to, Woodford researched, “In one study of 450 shearwaters in the North Pacific, over 80 percent of the birds were found to contain plastic residues in their stomachs. In the early 1990s, marine scientist Tim Benton collected debris from a 2km (1.5 miles) length of the beach in the remote Pitcairn islands in the South Pacific.

His study recorded approximately a thousand pieces of garbage including 268 pieces of plastic, 71 plastic bottles, and two dolls heads.” This shows how we are so careless about our environment. As result, the main polluting of beaches, oceans, and surface waters of the open ocean are plastics.


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